12 Week Initiate Program


12 Week Initiate Program

12 week Intuitive Intelligence Initiate Program


Payment Plans Available

Initiate Program intake is once a year for the live round.
The next live round commences March 2019.
Register your interest below for details of when Initiate enrolments open.
A self-study option may be available in mid 2018

Do you know that you are pure, unlimited consciousness?

Are you willing to find out?

IMAGINE that there are ancient laws that govern the functioning of the entire Universe, from the movement of the planets, right down to what you choose for breakfast.

Imagine that there is a science to our sixth sense, and this science can activate our innate yet unrealised potential on every level.

Imagine that this knowledge is yours now, and with it comes the key to unlocking your spiritual superpower…

Intuitive Intelligence® is a celebrated, global online training program created by Ricci-Jane Adams. Hundreds of men and women all around Australia have been initiated into their spiritual power, and now Intuitive Intelligence is going global.

The Initiate program is perfect for you if…

  • You want to go beyond the trinkets and superstitions of the new age and get direct access to classic spiritual wisdom that will change your life
  • You are done with repeating the same cycles of unhappiness, poor health, poverty, bad relationships and unsatisfying jobs
  • Your spiritual seeking has not changed anything for you
  • You want to take your intuition to the next level
  • You are yearning for change. You know your life has more meaning and purpose than you can currently access
  • You are willing to do the work. This program is not a quick fix or magic bullet. It is a sacred initiation into ancient wisdom and it cannot be entered into lightly.

You must be ready to put spiritual devotion at the front and centre of your life, but only if you want to watch the miracles unfold.

This is a 12 week fully guided program that includes weekly lectures, live tutorials and an online community that combine beautifully to powerfully scaffold you to succeed in living your intuitive intelligence.


Master the 3 immutable laws that govern our live, and yet are largely unknown to the world.


The leading edge science of intuition, and the role of the anatomical heart as our most powerful intelligence.


The practices to turn intuition into intuitive intelligence.


Command your intuition into consistent action, knowing that there is never a moment when you are not living your intuitive knowing


Be inducted into specific practices from ancient wisdom and leading edge science


This is a tried and tested system that yields proven results.

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What the graduates of the Intuitive Intelligence® Initiate Program are saying…

Amy Lou

“Working with Ricci has enabled me to work through my fears, see reality for what it is, stand strong in my true self and open a door into endless possibility of who I am yet to become. I am nurturing a strong intuition, connecting with it and learning how to use it.”

Amy Lou, Midwife & Yoni Massage Practitioner

“The techniques are simple yet SO powerful and easy to apply in daily life. Huge light bulb moments for me
I love that I now have techniques to recognise and manage feelings such as stress, overwhelm. It’s been amazing!”

Julie Marston 2017

christina verma seattle

“My life feels completely different, this course has awoken me spiritually. I am now really ready to serve on a new level.”

Christina Verma Project Manager 2017

chris johnstone new zealand

“This course is for everyone, at any stage of life. The processes are simple to understand and easy to apply. I would say to anyone to just do this course. This course speeds up the whole “waking” process.”

Chris Johnstone 2017

Kristy Jamieson

“I have now gratefully received a seriously powerful tool kit to stay fearless and create a life beyond my wildest dreams. I have experienced bringing my deepest fears to the light, I have made the most beautiful connections, I have had the most profound and overwhelming experience of meeting one of my guides, and gained deep understanding of who I am. I can’t recommend Ricci-Jane enough she is the most amazing, no bullshit, walks-the-talk spiritual teacher!”

Kristie Jamieson, Visual Artist

Katie Crews

“I just returned from time away on the Gold Coast for a weekend workshop with The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. Talk about life changing, fear embracing, full on, smack in the face learning!! I loved it. Ricci-Jane Adams has the formula to overcome fear and truly starting embracing a full life”

Katie Crews, Intuitive Healer

susan young marketing

“This course is ideal for anyone who wants to align or connect to themselves better. If you are in any way “stuck”, disengaged or disenchanted, this program is for you. Even if you don’t want to be a spiritual leader, this course content provides a great anchor to help propel you forward. This program removes fear and self-doubt and taught me how to trust in myself. This course offers not only the support but the tools to use every single day. This WORKS!

Susan Young Marketing & Business Strategist 2017

About Ricci-Jane

Hello and welcome to my Initiate Program.

I am an intuitive guide, bestselling author and intuition expert, and this 12 week program is every practice I have used to turn my spiritual seeking into a life of rich and deep joy and abundance.

I have spent over two decades on the path of consciousness raising, and in this virtual space of sacred learning I am honoured to initiate you into the same ancient wisdom that has changed my life.

The Institute has grown exponentially every year and I know this is as a direct result of living in accordance with the laws that govern the Universe. Now, I am honoured to share that with you, no matter what kind of success you want for your life.

We do not do this work of awakening for ourselves alone.

Let me share my secrets with you.


Elephant Journal
Artful Business Podcast
totally thriving magazine


12 lectures by Ricci-Jane

9 live tutorials

Audios & Transcripts

PDF teaching resources to deepen your practices

Your own online learning platform to track your progress, connect to your fellow initiates and to guide you through the program

All resources yours for the life of the training

One off payment or three easy part payments


The 12 week Initiate Program is world class, and has been taught to hundreds of people all over Australia. Ricci-Jane shares with you the exact tools and processes she used to activate her intuitive intelligence, build a world class Institute and attain deep spiritual peace.

Whilst we can’t guarantee the same result for you, we can guarantee that if you follow the program, show up and apply the practices you have everything you need to thrive.

That’s why we offer a complete money-back guarantee. If you purchase the Intuitive Intelligence Initiate program and realise that it is not right for you, we will refund your entire purchase price — no questions asked.

Simply contact us via email within 15 days of purchasing, and one of our team members will be in touch ASAP to organise your refund.

That’s how confident we are that you’ll love this program as much as we do!

Tammie Pike

“Today has just blown me away in what I have learned I once allowed to stop me from living my truth and doing the things that I want to do in this lifetime…. especially trusting my knowing (claircognisance). After The Intutitive Intellegence Workshop today I know my life is on course for so much joy, sisterhood, love & fearlessness!

Want to get fearless? I highly recommend following Ricci-Jane and seeing her walk her talk and allow her to show you how she can systematically help you to unlock your power so you can connect to your own truth & your own intuition by showing you how to get fearless by scientific proven methods.

Even though I love Woo Woo, Ricci-Jane has got the hard facts to back it up which makes this accessible to everyone if you so chose to want to be able to hear/see/feel/know your intuition and use it in your everyday life.”

Tammie Pike, Coach & Qoya Practitioner

Karen Geddis Intuitive Mentor

“I recently spent a weekend with Ricci-Jane Adams and 20 other divine women at her Intuitive Intelligence workshop. What a transformative 2 days! I met my fear of stepping more fully into my magnificence, and since then I feel so much more aligned to why I am here to help and how I’m going to do that.

I mean, I have always known that it is my purpose to help people return to their intuitive selves by deepening their connection with their higher guidance. And I have always known that I was here to make a big impact on the world by helping people KNOW who they truly are so that they can stand in their power and use this for the greater good (and to create a business that contributes in a big way to their family’s income, with the time to spend with them, and the freedom to do what lights them up).

Knowing this wasn’t my problem. My problem was that I was terrified to FULLY be my unapologetically authentic self.

What I have been shown by my higher guidance is that I was born wired into the new paradigm, and that now is my time to help others to live and do business in this new, unapologetically, authentically aligned way. How exciting is that?!”

Karen Geddis, Intuitive Mentor

theresa garcia spiritual

“This course has helped me to consolidate all of the reading and learning I have previously done into a framework that is a scaffold for me now. Whereas previously I had little bits and pieces and knowledge I had picked up along the way but I wasnt quite sure how to put it together. Now I feel I have a very concrete platform to leverage off.
It’s answered a lot of questions for me and given me some tools I can use. It’s been well worth it – definitely!

Fighting the fear is always tricky, but it helps me realise what my own personal issues or shadows are, and the resources to tackle those. It has helped me realise how powerful I am.

I would definitely recommend this program, and it doesn’t matter what level you’re at or where you are in your spiritual journey – novice through to experienced.”

Theresa Garcia, Initiate Graduate 2017

Initiation Investment

This life-changing virtual training program is available for AUD$1495 incl GST.


The Initiate Program is also a pre-requisite for the Third Level.
They can be studied concurrently via application.

Three Part Payments of $500

– OR –

One Payment of AUD$1495

Initiate Program is currently in session

Register your interest below to find out when the next round of Initiates are being welcomed into the Institute.


You’re Initiate Program begins on 04.02.18. You’ll receive a confirmation email and details on how to create your own unique member’s site login. When the program kicks off, you’ll receive weekly emails to let you know when the next lecture is going live. All resources are accessible in your online learning platform.

The program is structured to powerfully support your successful initation.

Content is released weekly so you spend enough time on each module.

Each lecture is 30 minutes and the tutorial is one hour. You’ll want to spend around an hour per week at least on the practices.

There are 3 x 3 blocks, with a week in between to integrate your knowledge and catch up on missed content. You keep these resources for the life of the program so you can return as often as you want.

The program can be accessed from your computer or mobile device (our learning platform is fully mobile responsive).

This is the perfect entry point to a classic spiritual training, and will ensure you spend less time wasted on new age trinkets and superstitions.

Your willingness to do the practices and apply the learning determines your success. The program is tried and tested over more than two decades. Ricci-Jane has built her business empire on these principles. Every aspect of your life is improved when you live from intuitive intelligence.

Your success will be a direct result of your devotion. Having said that, you are powerfully scaffolded and supported to succeed but we cannot do the work for you!

The greatest teacher is the life long student. This program is profound professional development for professional spiritual practitioners. Beyond the specifics of your modality, this training will connect you to your intuitive power like never before. Your path of service will be illuminated to a greater degree, and the attendant success will be inevitable. We must continually devote ourselves to increasing our skill as spiritual practitioners, and this training will take you to the next level.

You receive a Certificate in Intuitive Intelligence.

This is a certificate of completion, not certification to teach Ricci-Jane’s method.

The Intuitive Intelligence Program is the foundation course for the Institute and it qualifies you to take on higher levels of education with the Institute including the 12 month Third Level.


Our Initiate Program is open for registration now.


Register your interest below for details of when Initiate enrolments open.