This is ongoing professional training with the Institute combined with the opportunity to work as a paid mentor to the incoming round of the Third Level, and be appointed preferred practitioner of the Intuitive Intelligence Method within the Institute.


Professional supervision, a 12-month education program, teacher training and spiritual mentorship is provided by Ricci-Jane.


In the apprenticeship year, the participants deepen into their training in a two-semester program, receive monthly spiritual and business mentoring, and are promoted and guided in their capacity as the Institute’s preferred practitioners.

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Australia


Successful completion of the Third Level including all case studies is a prerequisite for acceptance into the Masters Program.

Third Level graduates are invited to apply to be part of the 12 month Masters Program with the Institute leading to the award of a Masters in Intuitive Intelligence upon successful completion.

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Australia


Masters in Intuitive Intelligence includes

4 training (2 per semester) modules in the intuitive sciences, teacher training, spiritual companionship and spiritual business development.

12 monthly business and spiritual mentoring sessions with Ricci-Jane and Laura Elkaslassy, business strategist and money mentor.

A mastermind with your fellow apprentices guided by Ricci-Jane.
This is scaffolded peer support with monthly check-ins to keep your motivated in your business, spiritual devotion and personal discipline.

Role as a paid mentor to the incoming group of Third Level priestesses.

Preferred practitioner of the Institute.

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Australia

Being an Institute preferred practitioner includes

Personal referrals from Ricci-Jane

Promotion to Ricci-Jane’s email list

Website placement and promotion

Social media promotion

Attendance at the Institute workshops to promote services

Apprentice as a teacher in training

Act as a key team member of the Institute

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Australia



The Graduate Certificate is spiritual mentoring, business coaching, graduate level training that will take your intuitive intelligence skills even deeper, as well as an opportunity to expand your current client base.

Perhaps most excitingly it is also a mastermind group with women in exactly the same space as you in their professional development.

Whilst you are promoted actively through the Institute’s website, social media and mailing list, you are also expected to be actively building your own business.

As part of the Masters you are part of a powerful network and will be personally promoted in your private client work by the Institute and Ricci-Jane.

You absolutely still maintain your own client base and book them through your existing system.

If you are starting from scratch you’ll be able to access the Institute’s established infrastructure with no overheads for you. You won’t even need your own website if you don’t want it.


As a graduate of the Third Level you’ll be able to use the trademarked logo for this qualification on your own website and promotional material.

This is a mark of excellence and it is a great addition to your other skills. Make sure everyone knows that you have this qualification.

We’ll review how this partnership is working for both of us at the end of the program. You’ll be invited to continue if this feels like a good fit.

No. There is no guarantee about securing bookings as part of the Masters.

There are many variables that contribute to your success. Whilst Ricci-Jane has experienced exponential growth in the life of the Institute, and is booked out with private clients 6 months in advance, the program is not a free pass to this kind of success.

Ricci-Jane and Laura will work with you to provide you with all the keys to success as an intuitive guide, but your own commitment, willingness and discipline will ultimately determine the size of your client base.

It is important to keep in mind that the preferred practitioner status is only one aspect of a wide-ranging graduate program that privileges the time and space needed to be spiritually mature and ready to succeed in this kind of work.

There are many levels to Ricci-Jane’s interest in creating the Masters program.

From a purely financial perspective, the Institute will take 25% of all readings booked through the Institute’s website. This is akin to an affiliate payment and is a fairly standard industry wide fee. But this is the least important aspect of the Masters Program.

Ricci-Jane created the Institute as part of her personal mission to lead the revolution in excellence in the intuitive sciences. The Third Level is the first part of this. The next step is to create a new industry standard for the supervision of emerging intuitive readers and healers. This is the way it is in psychology for example, and many other service based fields. Rather than sending newly qualified intuitive guides into the field unsupported, Ricci-Jane would prefer to take students further and deeper with ongoing mentoring, education and spiritual development.

The first year of any business is always hard and in addition to the spiritual development, the Masters Program is a mastermind in spiritual entrepreneurship.

Your abundance and success reflects well on the Institute and contributes further to creating a recognized gold standard by which the industry can measure itself. Nothing less than this will do.

This revolution requires the Institute working in collaboration with those who see the power and value in deepening in to graduate level training. This is what is required for excellence. This is how we mainstream the intuitive sciences.

What’s in it for Ricci-Jane?

Nothing less than the realisation of a vision of a new age.

You are invited to be part of this.


Institute for Intuitive Intelligence

Applications are open to students of the Third Level.

Applications open in Term 4
and all students will be invited to apply.

If you’d like more information please contact us.