Intuitive Intelligence® Method


The Intuitive Intelligence® Method is a guided journey to access and clear your subconscious fear so that you may come home to your infinite personal power, unlimited intuition and wild abundance.


Intuitive Intelligence® is the process of moving from simply knowing we are intuitive to trusting and living our intuition.


The Intuitive Intelligence® Method, developed by Institute principal, Ricci-Jane Adams, Ph.D., is the system to fast track that process.


There is one thing that prevents us from living in partnership with the Infinite and accessing the lives of our highest purpose and joy. And that is our unmet subconscious fear.

The Intuitive Intelligence® Method
is detailed, practical and specific.

The method includes:

  • Identifying the subconscious fear blocks ruling your life. We do this by accessing your Akashic Records, in other words journeying to the past life in which the subconscious fear began;
  • Clearing the subconscious fear blocks permanently using a range of energy medicine tools appropriate to you;
  • Reading each chakra (energy point running along the length of the spine to the top of the head) to locate energetic blockages at the level of your physical body, emotional body and soul that may be causing physical illness or emotional imbalances, as well as difficulty in finding purpose, success and ease in relationships.

The Guided
Intuitive Intelligence® Experience

A deep dive into the ‘why’ of your life and connect you to your purpose.


A thorough energy assessment and clearing of blocks and impediments.

We identify, clear and release the events and experiences that have blocked the flow of grace, or Universal flow, to you. These events are rarely the ones we consciously carry around. If you are encountering the same kinds of life situations again and again, no matter how consciously you are working on them, then a reading will provide immediate relief and clarity.


Profoundly up-level your life. When you are free of your subconscious energetic imprint you become fearless and intentional.

If you are willing to permanently let go of the wounds that have prevented your personal success and happiness, then the connection with your guide and the profound Universal energy she accesses will change everything for good.

Learn the Intuitive Intelligence® Method

Train with the Institute to understand the transformative knowledge and practices of the Intuitive Intelligence Method.

All sessions are online via Zoom. Zoom can be accessed on your computer or smartphone. The link is provided at the time of booking.

The sessions are recorded and emailed to you after the session.

Sessions can be conducted by phone if preferred.

You are required to complete the Disclaimer at the time of booking. You must read the Disclaimer carefully before completing.

For online sessions please make sure you are in an environment in which you won’t be disturbed and can safely close your eyes.

Have water and a notepad with you.

Please ensure you have not had consciousness altering, non-medical substances in your system for at least 24 hours prior to your session. This includes alcohol.


The session will be recorded for you and shared with you via email after the appointment.

Payment is required at the time of booking.

The cost of a session is non-refundable but all reasonable attempts will be made to reschedule the session to a new time if a client cannot make an existing booking and notifies the Institute with more than 24 hours’ notice.

If the practitioner is unable to make the appointed time for a reading, all reasonable attempts will be made to reschedule to the next available appointment time that suits the client.

Sessions can be rescheduled by you from your appointment confirmation email prior to the 24 hours before the appointment.

The Institute reserves the right to postpone scheduled appointments if circumstances require it. Appointments will be rescheduled as soon as possible to the current booking.