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Melinda van Nispen

Intuitive Guide

Melinda van Nispen is an Intuitive Guide who specialises in supporting and guiding her clients as they move from fear into love. Attaining the lives we desire in every way really is as simple as that.

Melinda has a deep and profound connection to the Higher Selves of those she works with. This skill has been strengthened and developed over decades of learning and training. It allows Melinda to hold space and guide her clients, whilst together removing fears that keep her clients from being the very best version of themselves.

Ever since Melinda was a young girl, she has able to connect to ‘Source’, which is how she refers to the Universe. The Universe both resides within us and Is us; being able to feel and know this body, mind and soul is our birth right and accessing this on behalf of her clients is Melinda’s speciality.

Melinda is a qualified Yoga instructor and Reiki Master.

She has a wealth of knowledge on the topics EFT, astrology, the therapeutic use of crystals and the chakra system of the human energy field.



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