Intuition Master Practitioner – Tamala

Tamala Ridge

Spiritual Mentor & Addictions Recovery

Tamala Ridge is an expert in Spiritual Mentoring, Intuitive Reading and Addictions Recovery.

She loves to support and teach others how to reconnect with our divine source, which will inevitably inspire us to release the need for our addictions.

Addiction to our fear is where her focus lies, after having been an drug and alcohol counsellor for over 10 years – she has discovered that all of our addictions are more than just surface deep and infact it is our fear that we are truly addicted to – this comes in may guises – stress, anxiety, anger, comfort eating, caffeine, sugar, negative thinking, alcohol, overworking, social media, yelling at our loved ones etc

She does this so that her clients can connect to their true soul’s purpose and become inspired to share the unique gifts that they have to offer this world without fear holding them back.

By working with Tamala, her clients are given the tools and support to let go of all fear and self-doubt so that they can inevitably “Return to Love” and discover how to open to meaningful connections to themselves, their loved ones and to the divine source.


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