Spiritual Research
& Innovation

Every conversation we are having about intuition is wrong.

It’s time to go beyond the trinkets and superstitions of the new age, and to merge with our unlimited selves.

Excellence, ethical service, the pursuit of spiritual innovation and ongoing research inform all of the activities of the Institute for this is how we believe we can take the new conversation on intuition to the world.


We aim to lead the revolution in excellence in the intuitive sciences by providing access to evidence-based, peer-reviewed research at the intersection of quantum physics and metaphysics. We provide the highest quality pedagogy and are industry leaders in standardising on going supervision for all our graduates.


We contribute to a culture of ethical best practice and evidence based programs that demonstrate the power of going beyond the leading edge to break new ground in this field. We do this by learning from the best, conducting in-house research and training the spiritual leaders of tomorrow.

The Pursuit of Excellence
& Code of Ethics

The Institute is committed to contributing to excellence in the field of the intuitive sciences.

In an unregulated industry, the standards we set are our own.

Professional development ensures the maintenance of and contribution to skills development for all those working with clients in complimentary therapies, energy medicine and life coaching.


No matter where you are in relation to your understanding of energy and intuition you can go deeper. Committing to your own professional development is key to an evolving intuitive practice.


The Institute Code of Ethics is defined by the Three Pillars of teaching and learning that underpins all the Institute training – professional, personal and spiritual development.

We are committed to excellence; integrity; authenticity; ongoing personal, spiritual and professional development; innovation and research; and service before self-interest.

IICT Approved Training Provider

We are a registered training organisation of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists. Intuitive Intelligence Method is a registered modality wit the IICT and we adhere to the IICT Code of Ethics. 

Intuitive Intelligence Method

For two days in September 2018, the Institute will be taking over Tuscany as we hold our first ever Global Summit.

These two days are dedicated to taking the Method to the world and showing ourselves and everyone else what is possible.


The Summit will bring the leading lights of the Institute to the world stage to demonstrate how the Method is being evolved by those trained in the Method.

With continual innovation at its core, the Method is a living, breathing approach to activating intuitive intelligence in everyone.

Unlike many modalities that remain fixed and unchanging, the Method is a modality to match the extraordinary times we live in.

Change is what The Summit will be about. Live-streamed to the world so you can join the revolution in how we understand and live our intuition.


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