The Institute’s mission is to lead the revolution in excellence in the intuitive sciences. This requires a commitment to providing the highest quality training.

This is the Third Level.

This is your year to train as a




Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Australia

The Institute has created the Third Level 12 month immersive program for those women desiring to be masterful in the intuitive sciences, trained to the highest possible industry standard in a ground breaking system of reading the human energy field.

The training is for awakening and awakened women called to the path of service.


You want to feel purposeful, soul-driven and intimately connected to your intuition in your daily life so that your power to serve is exponentially increased and your success is inevitable.

You desire to take your innate intuitive skills to the level of scientific precision and become the go-to person in your soul-based field.

You are ready to lead the revolution in excellence in the intuitive sciences, to live as a mystic in your daily life.

You want to be supported to maintain the discipline required to be a truly powerful healer, and to be a masterful intuitive.

Do you want to work as an
intuitive coach, mentor, reader or healer?

Do you want to become confident
in your energetic healing abilities?

Are you ready to be a spiritual leader?


Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Training Programs     Master the Intuitive Sciences

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Training Programs     12 months of spiritual and business mentoring

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Training Programs     Up-level your life & operate from your zone of genius

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Training Programs     Break through your own fear and unworthiness

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Training Programs     Profound personal spiritual development program

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Training Programs     Supportive community of like-minded sisters

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Training Programs     Become the go to person in your field

Institute for Intuitive Intelligence Training Programs     Be booked out months in advance

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The Third Level is made up of three distinct domains.

Each domain, or pillar, supports you to take quantum leaps in your intuitive capacity, and to prepare you to walk the path of service with the most powerful results for your clients.

The three pillars are designed to give you grounding in excellence, authenticity, integrity and ethical practice as an intuitive guide.

Providing the highest quality intuitive guidance requires the practitioner to commit to their own development in three ways.

The Third Level provides the highest quality of excellence in these three domains.

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This pillar is the domain of self-awareness. It is vital to meet our shadow aspect and fears in order to serve with the greatest clarity.



This pillar is the domain of your awakening mysticism, or how to live your spirituality as part of your everyday reality.



Please know, this is the primary focus of the program.

You are here to master the Institute Method and become a profound intuitive guide, with a consistent and ever-growing connection to non-local intuition.

You are training as a reader, healer, coach and mentor in this 12 month program, with the Institute Method at the heart of this.

This is a year long commitment to become one of the only people in the world trained in this ground-breaking method.

“I will be healed as I let him teach me to heal”

A Course in Miracles



6 modules with live online mentoring calls including business development from expert business strategist Laura Elkaslassy, and spiritual entrepreneurship training using Ricci-Jane’s proven tools for exponential growth in your business.

A one week, immersive, retreat style training in the Intuitive Intelligence Method in a beautiful Ubud, Bali (inclusive in your tuition fee including transfers, twin share room and all food)

Fortnightly online support and training sessions with Ricci-Jane

4 private sessions + access to additional sessions at a reduced rate

Your own personal student mentor. Your mentor is appointed to you at the beginning of the training and will be available to you through your professional an spiritual development.

Exclusive online group for support from your fellow students

Practical experience in being a spiritual leader in the Institute community including being the featured reading in Ricci-Jane’s Facebook group with approximately 4000 members.

The Third Level includes advanced training the following areas:

  • Energy medicine
  • Accessing the subconscious mind
  • Reading the Akashic Records
  • Soul retrieval
  • Chakra and energy field readings
  • The most profound healing technique available
  • Channeling
  • Angel and spirit guide communication


You will also learn:

  • Ricci-Jane’s exact process for reading and diagnosing the subtle anatomy
  • How to be a spiritual leader
  • How to rapidly attract clients
  • How to become the go to person in your field and
  • How to succeed as a spiritual entrepreneur.

APRIL 30-MAY 6 2018

Training in the Intuitive Intelligence Method, the central focus of the Third Level, takes place in a one week immersive retreat format to ensure the power of the transformational experience. The 8 days are divided into 3 modules that together form the Method.

MODULE ONE: Advanced Energy Medicine

MODULE TWO: Entering the Subconscious Mind

MODULE THREE: Mastery to Channel

The Institute Method connects you to non-local Intuition. This is knowing that is accessed through the sixth sense, rather than via the five dominant senses.

It is, in other words, pure infinite consciousness.

Together we are going to the next level – nonlocal intuition. Accessing this place is a science. It is a step by step process and in this journey Ricci-Jane will be your guide.

At its centre it is the philosophy of love. It is the end of fear. It is Union with infinite consciousness.

What is required to be able to operate from this level of intuition is to become a contemporary mystic. This means a commitment to thinking soul first, physical second.


We are not learning more new age trinkets and superstitions. We are learning how to read and remove fear with laser like precision. We are learning how to be infinite consciousness for our clients and ourselves. We are working transpersonally and metaphysically to liberate our clients to experience lives of success, joy and abundance. We are overcoming the belief in separation for our clients and ourselves.

IICT Approved Training Provider

The Pursuit of Excellence and Code of Ethics

The Institute is committed to contributing to excellence in the field of the intuitive sciences. In an unregulated industry, the standards we set are our own. Professional development ensures the maintenance of and contribution to skills development for all those working with clients in complimentary therapies, energy medicine and life coaching.

No matter where you are in relation to your understanding of energy and intuition you can go deeper. Committing to your own professional development is key to an evolving intuitive practice.

The Institute Code of Ethics are defined by the Three Pillars.

We are committed to excellence; integrity; authenticity; ongoing personal, spiritual and professional development; innovation and research; and service before self-interest.

We adhere to the IICT Code of Ethics. 

You are not ready to answer your calling. This training is for women called to the path of service and spiritual leadership. This requires a willingness to meet and clear your own fear.

You are already doing lots of other trainings. This program, built around the Three Pillars, is a whole of life program that requires your absolute dedication and commitment. You are learning how to be a reader, coach, mentor and healer. You do not need anything else.

You don’t think you should be abundant and wildly successful on the path of spiritual service. This training is designed to align you with abundance and success.

You are not ready to go deep. This training is a year long program. Very few spiritual and professional development programs offer this kind of depth. If you are not ready for this level of commitment to awakening your professional and personal power then this is not for you.

You don’t want to practice devotional practices daily. If you are not ready to live your spiritual practices every day, including meditation and contemplation, then this is not for you.

You want to do it alone. The program connects you to an incredible network of your fellow sisters. This is a vibrant and connected community and their support is vital. In fact you are appointed an accountability buddy to help keep you on the path.

You are not deeply curious and willing to know more about the true nature of reality.

You don’t want to master the intuitive sciences. The Institute Method for reading and diagnosing the human energy field is profound work, and it is shared with the women in the training with great reverence. It is a truly powerful process and when mastered will take your intuitive skill to the level of laser like precision. It must be treated with care and respect to all those it is entrusted to. If you don’t want to truly master the intuitive sciences and understand the science informing intuition then this is not for you.

Intuition Master Practitioner – Tamala

Tamala Ridge

Addictions Recovery & Spiritual Mentor

Ricci-Jane’s Third Level training has been mind blowing! I have had so many profound shifts in my awareness of myself & a recognition of so many fears & blocks!

I have utilised the powerful tools that Ricci-Jane has taught us to become more “Fearless” & now have the consciousness to choose love over fear in my everyday experiences!

My life is more joyful, intuitive &  loving than ever before! I have a deeper more intimate relationship with myself & the divine!

Thank you dear Ricci-Jane – you have totally Rocked My World.

zaida boltman intuitive aromatherapist

Zaida Boltman

Intuitive Aromatherapist
“This process has been a Godsend at the most crucial time in my life. The most powerful change so far would be my ability to tap back into to gifts I have long since buried. Another powerful change in me has been my ability to keep calm when things are not in flow. My ability to calm myself quickly has been profound for me because for the past 10 or so years I have struggled with inner peace and the ability to come back to a calm state quickly in order to see clearly. The meditation processes have greatly contributed to me coming back to myself with ease and grace. I found the experience to date quite liberating because I have always thought that I had to fit the cultural & familial mould. Going through this experience has proven to myself that I am happier just being my true authentic self. I would recommend the Third Level to others because it really has helped me to move past the 3D reality that I have bought into throughout my life to now. The Third level has opened me up to so many wonderful gifts that I can see working in my life on an every day basis. I’d recommend the Third Level to anyone who wants to be FREE!”

January – December 2018


The investment in The Third Level is only $6,995 + GST.
This is a small investment in a potential new career path, or an intensive soul development mentoring program, or both.

This tuition fee includes a fully inclusive retreat in Ubud, Bali.

Payment plans available over a 12 month period.
Your place is secured with a 10% deposit.



Enrolments for January 2018 intake open October 2017.

Entry in to this training is by interview and invitation only.

Book your entrance interview below


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Full payment in advance attracts a $750 discount. Deposits received for the monthly payment option by December 30 2017 are also eligible for this discount.

Payment plans are available with monthly payments over 12 months. Please contact us for any payment queries.

If a student decides to withdraw, after the commencement of the Third Level, their investment to that date is non-refundable. A deposit amount of 10% is non-refundable if a student cancels prior to commencement. If a student withdraws after 6 months they are liable for any and all remaining payments.

There are 6 online modules. Each of these will be recorded and made available to students who cannot attend live.

Each student receives 4 private mentoring sessions. These are held online. Additional sessions can be booked if required at a discounted rate.

In order to be fully qualified the student needs to complete 6 case study clients. If the student does not complete these by the end of December 2018 then the qualification is not granted.

If the student is undertaking the training for personal rather than professional development there is no requirement for the case study clients to be completed.

This immersive training is held in Ubud, Bali, April 30-May 6 2018. All students must attend this training to qualify.

If a student cannot attend the retreat in Ubud, her place will be held over to the next intake of the Third Level.