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Do you want to be a published author? So many people do, and especially so it seems in the spiritual world. Why is that? What draws us to it? And how can we make it happen?

In our very first episode, Dr Rj introduces her own writing process and the journey that it has taken to arrive at this moment, on the eve of the publication of her third book, Superconscious Intuition.

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams is the principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence®, a world-class, global professional intuition training school. She trains exceptional spiritual women as new paradigm priestesses, socially conscious leaders and profound mystics. Ricci-Jane is the author of bestselling Spiritually Fierce, as well as Intuitive Intelligence Training and the forthcoming Superconscious Intuition. Ricci-Jane has a doctorate from the University of Melbourne in magical realism. She has spent over twenty-five years devoted to her spiritual awakening and is a qualified Transpersonal Counsellor.

In this episode we discuss:

  • magical realism and why Dr RJ completed a doctorate on the subject
  • the art vs the craft of writing
  • what it takes to go from idea to realisation
  • working out if your idea is worthy of the sweat, time and money it will take to get the book published

A note from RJ…

Welcome to Spiritually Fierce, the podcast, the next part of the unfolding journey of the spiritually fierce movement. Season one is dedicated to authors, writers and the writing process. Writing is something so many of us are drawn to. In this season we speak with authors who have made that leap from idea to realised book. Practical and inspiring, season one brings deep wisdom from some incredible spiritual authors. You are so welcome here.

Ricci-Jane xo

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