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Alicia’s energy and presence are so refreshing. She generously shares her personal story of awakening, from stressed-out workaholic mum of two, to discovering she channels spirit as she hung out the clothes on the washing line! Alicia holds nothing back and offers her compelling story of coming out of the spiritual closet to publishing her own spiritual text to support others.


Alicia is a Spirit Channeler and has been a lawyer for almost 20 years. She is married to Mark, a tradie from Northern England. They have four children together and live in Melbourne, Australia. Alicia is the Founder of the Global Soul Centre and her work is to help people, particularly women, to learn about their energy, to have more enjoyment and vibrancy and to remember who they really are, infinite, eternal beings of light. Alicia discovered she is a channeler in March 2012 when she was hanging out the washing.

Book: PURE ENERGY – The Busy Woman’s Energy Guide to Thrive

PURE ENERGY helps you remember who you truly are and where you are truly from. This book reminds you that you are not your body. You are a magnificent being of light that is ultimately one with all beings. Alicia guides you home to your truth, your infinite power and teaches you how to work with your energy to live a more meaningful, joyful and vibrant life. Alicia shares simple, yet powerful, energy rituals to bring you back into presence and sacredness and to connect you to source energy, amongst this busy and modern world.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Alicia’s top piece of advice to writers
  • How Mel Robbins inspired her to step out of her spiritual closet
  • Claiming the title of writer
  • The journey of self-publishing

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