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In this profound conversation, Krista shares her experience of writing her journey from losing her mother to breast cancer and making the decision to become a ‘previvor’. Krista explains why she chose to publish her journals of this most personal story, and the unexpected joy of a global community that it brought. I love Krista’s take on the notion of connection versus interaction. Krista is such an engaging guest and speaks with ease and grace on big and often taboo topics.


Through her writing, art, and consciousness design, Krista guides humans in creating passionate and pleasure-led lives and loves. Whether speaking, leading circles, or in sessions, Krista embodies her service to the collective as the Bliss Mystic: an author and sexologist, an artist and poet. She is the creator of collage art and author of books, including Unlearn Moderation, Body 2.0, and Ischemia. She finds her own edge through hiking, dancing, crosswords, weightlifting, and wandering in her RV. Krista’s practice is global and her home is oceanside a few steps from the magical Maine woods.

Book: Body 2.0

To honour her mother’s deathbed advice to head off breast cancer and “be there” for her boys, Krista Hammerbacher Haapala chose to trade healthy breasts for longevity and peace of mind. In Body 2.0, Krista chronicles the personal research, medical process, bodily changes, and the emotional toll involved in the more than two-year odyssey of what she referred to as her “Body 2.0 vision quest.”

Through it all, Krista shares her insights for living awake during even the darkest times, and captures the raw ebbs and flows she and her family experienced in the face of her wrenching decision. She takes on body image, the sexualization of breast cancer, motherhood, and maternal relationships, as well as how to sustain an intimate, loving partnership. An unflinching, irreverent take on preventative double mastectomy, Body 2.0 is a guide to reframing adversity, finding inspiration, and shaping your own life.

In this episode we discuss:

  • what is a previvor?
  • how do decide when to commit to the big work of writing a book?
  • the origins of the phrase “Kill your darlings” (more here on that here)
  • interaction vs connection
  • erotic energy as daily life

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Episode resources:

Body 2.0

Your Life as Art by Robert Fritz

On Writing by Stephen King 


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