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I am here today to shake up your beliefs about intuition. In fact, I think that might be the single greatest reason I was popped on to this planet. I want to begin by changing the conversation about intuition. What has disturbed me in this conversation for such a long time is that we think of intuition as something temporary or fleeting or random. That is external to us or that we can accidentally bump into. We suddenly know where to get the rock star car park, or we have a  momentary connection to some greater consciousness or a greater sense of understanding. But it’s always temporary, it’s always fleeting.

It’s really really impossible to talk about intuition if we do not begin with this question. The new paradigm of intuition begins with “do I know that I am pure unlimited consciousness?” and if your relationship with your intuition is not taking you into a closer connection to the truth that you are pure and unlimited and that you are pure consciousness, then you’re having the wrong conversation. What the majority of the planet know about intuition is related to what you can do
externally to increase it. So that might be the tarot cards you buy or the course you go to study, Oracle cards, or the crystal that you get to decalcify your pineal gland, or it might be the idea that you have to go see someone who has more access to their intuition than you do. All of these ideas put your intuition outside of you. That something or someone might temporarily bring you into communication with your intuition.

What if we begin from a completely different paradigm and the paradigm of intuition that I want to speak about is non-local intuition. Nonlocality is an idea from quantum physics. Nonlocality suggests that particles that are at a distance – could be light-years apart or in the next room, can still be in communication a-causally. What that means is that there can be communication going on without they having any relationship physically or time-wise. They can be in different times and spaces and there’s an inherent interconnectedness. That means that this nonlocality is available and the truth of what we are even right up to the level of me and you and the entire cosmos. There is a unified field and we belong to that unified field. It is the reason this communication can happen, not locally and a-causally. That we can tune into information that we haven’t reasoned or deduced, that we haven’t been told or that isn’t based on our prior knowledge. There is access to a web or a field of information that we can tune into with special conditions and these special conditions have nothing to do with the crystals, or the grid that you put down, where you placed an object, or whether you’ve got your pineal gland decalcified. It is simply about your willingness to hold a passionately focused attention. That’s what activates the communication with field. You are able to connect to the non-local fields simply by holding a passionately focused attention.

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