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A Priestess Revolution

Jacquie Horn

The revolution isn’t coming,
It’s here, my dear.

Priestesses converging,
Then spreading far and near.

Changing the world,
By eradicating fear.

To be of service,
Each in her own way.

From our truth,
We shall not stray.

The movement, it’s global.

The work to be done,
Brave and noble.

Facing our fears,
Leading from the front.

Undeterred by nay-sayers
Or being the brunt

It is happening now,
Vibrations rising.

Thoughts, actions, 

Souls synchronizing.

Fully aligned, congruent and strong,
Other’s give themselves permission to join, come along.

To open their hearts, their souls,
See and feel what’s inside.

To remember the known,
Because it’s true – together, we rise.


Jacquie Horn


*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 2 2019

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