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AN excerpt from the Sadhana chapter – part one

Genevieve Anderberg

She knew not what this day would hold as the warm summer breeze rustled the trees outside her little window. All she knew was that the intention was set as the glass timer was tipped the other way up in her dreams last night. The timer had reset and as she looked down at this new body she was shaken to realise it was the body of the young woman she had been having visions of in her last body. 

Her last life. 

She had to reset and forget about Brifton. He was not in his control now. HER control.. she really needed to get to grips with the new gender pronouns…and the differences therein… She peeked down under the sheet and noticed it was quite flat down hither.

Not to matter. This oddness would wear off after a short time if she immersed herself in this new awareness. 

She rifled through the memory records of this brain and found that the routine was an early start. Before sunrise. Hence the darkness. No it wasn’t completely dark, it was shifting towards the silence of predawn. The night lifting slightly like a faint candle being lit in the horizon.

Her body wanted routine. She listened and found herself lifting her legs out straight held firmly whilst breathing out puffs of strong air through her nostrils, in a fast panting, pumping action. Her arms held up and her head tilted towards her toes. She did this for 1 minute then folded her legs up in a cradle of her arms to continue the breath for another 2 minutes. She found the discipline to continue this awakening ritual a welcome distraction from her wayward mind. Next she cat-stretched across both sides of her body then flopped down the bed to sit on the floor, legs crossed and back straight with both arms up and out in a v-shape, fists clenched and thumbs pointing up. The breath continued rhythmically through her nostrils focusing on the out force of powerful pumping from the navel and up through each energy point of her organs, clearing and strengthening her channels of being and waking her up like no coffee ever had. “Breath of Fire” her memory chambers echoed. Wow. This was a new skill set she definitely planned to take with her for her future lives. 

After another few minutes of this she felt ready to go have … a cold shower? 


Her body obviously wasn’t feeling the shock she thought she should feel after that experience. She wasn’t even shivering. If anything she felt warmer, as if the fire she’d built up inside needed the frigid water to restore and wake her entirely to this new day. 

As she dressed in white and knelt down to the lambskin on the floor she realised this body was so set in the routine of devotional practice and that this alone was an entirely new experience. She was not merely inhabiting a body she could easily control. She was reading the sacred prayer and the vibrations of these words read out loud represented a connection not only with this body, but with the existence of universal spiritual connection. She as a soul felt comforted by the sounds coming out of her mouth and the drum vibrations of her tongue against her palate were soothing in the repetition as a sort of time-lapse clung around the pre-dawn magic of self-devotion. The world was quiet. 


Anything is possible in this state. 


“Ong namo guru dev namo…Ong namo guru dev namo…Ong namo guru dev namo.” She chanted with palms held against each other in a prayer pose against her chest. She inherited the knowledge that this was calling in the teachers and teachers of those teachers as far back as the dawn of consciousness, in a long golden chain. 


“Aaad gudevnameh, jugat gudevnameh, sat gudevnameh, siri guru devah nameh,”

The golden chain glowed in her vision, getting brighter with every word…

“Aaad gudevnameh, jugat gudevnameh, sat gudevnameh, siri guru devah nameh,”

The golden light seeped out of the chain and spread like wild fire encircling her from the core of her solar plexus and out like a brush of orange, yellow and gold the royalty of the solar sun energy encased her in a ball of golden light.

“Aaad gudevnameh, jugat gudevnameh, sat gudevnameh, siri guru devah nameh,”

The ball spread to the whole room then out as far as the eye could see (or the mind comprehend), as the mantra sealed all the particles in collusion with her own with golden protective, strengthening light. 

The scientist in her was fascinated.

A book was open in front of her lambskin so she followed the body’s innate awareness and worked through each exercise and breath description of the Kriya set out before her. Herself a novice, her body was mastering these movements so the effect was one of the teacher and student working together in a wave of struggle and neutrality. Chaos and order in harmony it seemed.




Genevieve is a trans-medium with qualifications as a Homeopath, Bach Flower Therapist, Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Kinesiologist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Graduate Intuitive Guide with the Intuitive Intelligence Institute. She admires a quirky sense of humour and often overfills her handbag with books to read. She’s always held a vivid imagination and a passion for inspiring people to see their own infinite potential as she sees it. You are glorious – just ask your higher-self. 


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