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I’ve been in transit returning from my adventures in Canada, attending the Science and Spirituality Conference on Vancouver Island, which was just pure joy and brought me in in front of some of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders of our time, such as Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, and Lynne McTaggart.

This conference gave me the opportunity to hear the very latest information that they have and to revisit some of their content.  While some of us are really intimate with it, you can never hear this stuff too often.

What I was doing for myself was both a spiritual development and professional development – giving myself that opportunity to sit with some of the leaders of my field, and to access their wisdom.  This helps remind me of what I know or may have forgotten, and to be inspired to  integrate that knowing deeper into myself.  To embody it so it becomes truth and not just an idea.

I came back with lots and lots of beautiful takeaways! I’ve shared some of them on social media, and I will continue to do that as the weeks go on, because a lot of it is continuing to filter even further down into my consciousness.

There really was no one at the conference I could say was more exceptional than anybody else. Everyone brought something really surprising, delighting, and interesting.

Part of what I loved about it was, as Greg Braden said,

“If something is the truth you will hear it again and again”.

Maybe in a slightly different form but that is actually the power of of this work. We are not looking necessarily to figure out how to come up with a brand new thing that no one’s ever heard of. Rather we are simply giving ourselves the opportunity to be the voice for our community.

Some people are going to hear those spiritual truths through us in a way that they can’t otherwise, even if the person next to them is saying exactly the same thing.

Your unique voice is your medicine and it’s your offer to the world.

But what I really I want to talk about is the idea that intuition can never be predictive.

If you go to see an intuitive reader, or you sit down with someone who has intuitive skill, that there cannot be a future they could predict for you.  They simply cannot access a future time and space that will give some kind of insight into your life and what’s coming up for you.

I was reminded of this truth and when I was watching a video with my five-year-old this morning. The video is from Dr. Quantum which is a cartoon about the double slit experiment. What I guess got me most excited is that the act of observation changes the behaviour of matter, or the wave.  There is nothing that is fixed. There are no watches in the quantum field.

What does this mean for us? How does this relate to the idea that there’s no capacity for an intuitive to ever be a fortune teller in your life, no matter how much you would like to give your power away to someone else? Who can tell you the way your life is meant to play out?

It is simply not possible because the act of observation changes the behaviour of the wave.

I don’t want to go into too much detail today, but the idea of the double slit experiment is that when scientists tried to observe which of the two slits that the particle travelled through, they simply could not discern. I know that my science here is going to let me down a little bit, but what happened is that the particle became the wave, and it took every  possible path between point A and point B that was available to it.

I think that that is just such an incredible thing for us to begin to understand, because even though we’re looking at the subatomic level here, when we zoom out and look at our lives and the interaction of ourselves in the world, these quantum physics truths remain true.

In other words, we’re able to understand that if we observe our life with any particular viewpoint, we change the contents of our life.

We don’t necessarily change the matter, the solid physical reality, but we change our belief about it. We change our perception about it. And that shift in perception then has a ripple effect of changing the way the matter behaves.

So the first act is to change your mind about what you’re observing in your life. This is very exciting for us to understand, that there cannot be fortune-telling. There cannot be future-predicting. It does not matter how qualified the person you go to see is, or how accurate it seems to be.

All they are doing is collapsing that pure potential, pure energy state into matter by observing it. As they do that, they are eliminating or disqualifying all the other potentials of your life.

So be very mindful. Be very careful who you allow to access your energy field, or to make predictions on your behalf. Because if you hear from someone you give authority to, if you give your power to this person, then what will happen is you will make that potential real because you are believing or aligning with their perception.

There is every possibility available that the particle will take every possibility between point A and point B on its path. It is the same for us.

So what determines which path we end up taking is the quality of our perception. If we see a world that is working on our behalf, if we see a world and see the events of our life as friendly allies, if we see even the difficult and challenging things of our life as things that are supporting us, then we are able to change the nature of our experience.  Like attracts like.

This is the Law of Correspondence, the second immutable law.

It begins with our belief and then it alters matter.  But it is that act of observation that changes the nature. Whilst my science may be a little bit wrong about the behaviour of the particle when it’s under observation, the truth of what I’m trying to say is that it is the  act of observation that collapses potential into matter. And that is why we must be so discerning about the stories that we tell ourselves and the stories we let other people tell us.

Especially if you go and put your power into the hands of an intuitive reader or a psychic, you must understand  that you are actually collapsing the potential of your life.  You are actually reducing the possibilities of your life. You’re actually making things that were just existing as a potential in the field, and you’re turning them into solid matter.  Then, because you’ve said that person has more authority than I do, you line up with their perception of your reality.  You say, “Oh well, it was just the way it was gonna happen. This is what the future held for me.”

There is no future. Everything exists in a place of pure potential, in a state of pure energy, until we place our attention upon it. 

Wherever we place our attention, we collapse into matter, so whatever you want more of, place your attention there.

When you look through the lens of lack, you will receive more lack.

Now this is this is not Law of Attraction. This is not some kind of wishy-washy idea. This is actually just the way that particles behave under observation. We move from that pure wave state where everything is possible and we see the pattern of of every single possibility existing in that state of pure potential versus where we place our attention. We collapse that possibility down.

So be discerning about who you let into the future storytelling of your life, and be discerning about the storytelling you are telling of your own life.

What are the stories, of the vision of your life that you want to bring into being?

Are you telling those stories in a way that are making it possible for that reality to come into being?

Everything exists in the state of pure potential.

This is very much the key of what I want you to hear right now.  Don’t collapse those potentials by repeating stories that come from a history that you no longer want to be part of.  Instead, build your future reality with the stories which condense pure potentiality into matter in a way that is constructive and delights and excites you.

You are crafting your reality and if you give your power away to someone  who says they can see your future, they can tell you which person you’re supposed to marry, where you’re supposed to live, what the best path for you is, then you are eliminating all of these potential possibilities.  You’re lining up with someone else’s vision of your life. I just don’t think that’s okay. I absolutely don’t think that it’s ethical and I don’t think that we should be giving ourselves that out.  Don’t give yourself an out from your own life.

Joe Dispenza said that “the most powerful way to predict your future is to create it”. I wish very much for us to change the conversation about intuition so that we are not thinking of it as a fortune-telling, future prediction kind of thing.

Yes, intuition is precognitive.  Yes it can know before the mind can know. But that doesn’t mean that it is the truth of intuition. 

Intuition knows that the heart brain, where the intuitive impulse begins because it’s connected to the quantum field, is able to discern prior to the cranial brain.  We are aware that we are able to get precognitive information, but that’s different to it existing as a fully-formed future life event for you that is going to be predictable.

Nothing is predictable about your future unless you are running the program of your past, so says Joe Dispenza.

If you want to predict your future in a negative way, keep running that subconscious program of your past without leaving space for new energy to come into your life.

It’s very important that we don’t collapse ourselves into someone else’s authority, and that we maintain our own authority. 

That if you go to see someone who calls himself an intuitive or an a psychic, that you do not stray into the domain of future fortune-telling predictions. Because every possibility exists and all that happens if you let them tell you the story of your future, is you are collapsing all of the potentials.

This is very exciting to me because what it leaves us with, is the truth that our greatest personal superpower is our intuition. Or, what I like to call our Intuitive Intelligence.

In fact, we do not need someone else to tell us what is going to happen for our life, because we determine what is going to happen for our life, moment by moment.  This is the moment where you get to predict your future by the quality of the thought and the belief and the feeling that you hold right now. That’s how you determine your future. That’s how you predict what’s gonna happen next.

You can’t sit in a pile of low self-esteem and self-pity and imagine that somehow, some miraculous future reality is going to drop into your lap.  Everything corresponds with itself.

The really beautiful thing about this is that whilst we have this free will to determine our life, we are all so divinely fated. We all have one fate and that fate is to know ourselves as God. That fate is to align with our unlimited self. That is what we are all here to do. It’s just the way it is. But we do get the free will to determine the quality of that life experience, and what that life experience will look like.  We determine that by our feeling state, the predictor of our success.

The predictor of our failure is the feeling state, the thought that engenders the feeling that determines or builds the  future. This is simply because the infinite is impartial to the tiniest degree, and will simply bow down before you and bring you whatever you request. The very beautiful thing about this is that because our divinely fated path is to remember that we are infinite, unlimited consciousness. Whatever conditions you construct in your reality with your free will, the infinite – or God – can use for the purposes of awakening you.

That’s why some people’s lives are a constant series of catastrophic events – to bring them into a higher order.  To bring them closer to their God experience. But that’s not the way it has to be.

In fact, what Joe Dispenza says is that the the paradigm of the dark night of the soul to awaken is an old paradigm, and it no longer needs to occur. 

In fact, what he teaches people before and above anything else, is to become the consciousness engineers of  their future. To actually predict their  future by building their future. That requires that we do not have to go into these devastating dark night of the soul experiences in order to activate the next step of our awakening.

This is all incredibly exciting and it hopefully explains a little bit more about why it’s so important that we don’t go to people who believe they can tell us what our future holds. Because it simply means they do not understand the science. They simply are tuning in to one of the infinite potentials of your life and the unfortunate thing is that as they do it, they collapse all the other potentials
for your life. I would not give anybody that power.

What we can do is seek out those people who are going to help us to clear the blocks, the subconscious fear blocks, that stop us from knowing our own intuitive wisdom in any moment.  That is the  only work that an intuitive, or a healer of any kind, should do for you.  To remove those blocks with you and for you, so that you may go forward as the Guru of your own life and have that
divine infinite communion with all that is that is always trying to tell you the answers to your life.

The most useful, most joyful way is for you to remember that you are God.  It’s our fear that shuts us off from that voice, but that voice never stops talking and it’s entirely impartial. It loves you unconditionally and will bring you exactly what you request, regardless of how state your request.

So I encourage you to become a predictor of your future reality rather than imagining that it’s written down in a book somewhere, and that you can go and access it.

You know the best way to do that is to know that you can’t make a wrong choice. You literally cannot make a wrong choice if the choice you make is full of love.

Because it doesn’t matter if you feel this overwhelming impulse to go and open a business and then the business fails and it all turns to shit, and you wonder why it all happened. But you come out the other side of it and then suddenly get the job of your dreams and your life gets transformed if you have chosen a path based on love.

The universe will reroute you back to that highest possibility for your life as quickly as possible anytime you make a choice for fear. The universe will simply have to work with whatever you give it. But if you give it shit, you will have a shit reality on your path back to remembering you are God.

Then you’ll get there at the end and feel really exhausted, or you can arrive abundantly joyful, having changed the world for the better on your path of the sacred service.

The latter is absolutely the path that I want to take, how about you?

RJ xo

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