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Why are people nowhere near as intuitive as they could? And why don’t they know this?

What happens is, we actually start to think that we’ve reached the capacity for our intuitive ability or our intuitive intelligence so we rest on our laurels. We believe that God must have given us “this amount of intuition” and therefore I’m just going to be this much intuitive.

No, we have it all so wrong. So I’m talking to the incredible women who know their intuitive and probably tune into their intuition and make choices from that place even when it scares them. We have infinite unlimited consciousness.

“Are you willing to surrender to your unlimited self?”

That question is the core question at the heart of intuition and yet it’s not the question that we asked when we go to increase our intuition.

We still consider it to be this kind of separate trinket or superstition. We do not think of it as a measure of our awakening.

Until you are willing to honour the truth that you are God and live from that place the pursuit of your intuition is an empty pursuit.

The point of intuition is a measure of how connected are we to our infinite nature. The endpoint of intuition is that there will be no intuition because we will be one with the language that is communicating with us.

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