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Becoming Congruent – What it takes to embody your Self Sovereignty the Spiritually Fierce way. 

Gabrielle Rose

Congruence. The 10 letter word that speaks volumes to everyone on their path of spiritual awakening. A word that is embedded with such deep reverence, integrity and unwavering faith and trust; for living in congruence with your soul’s purpose is not for the faint-hearted. 

In my experience, congruence is what it all comes back to, it’s the foundation for every spiritual seeker. You cannot stand firmly in your personal power while still choosing to take part in situations that continue to take you away from your truth. You cannot be on your path of sacred service while living out of alignment with your personal values and what you stand for and you cannot follow the call of your soul while still clinging to an idealism and the limiting beliefs your ego is so lovingly telling you to coax you back into a place that is safe, the place that is comfortable, the place where only ordinary things happen. 

You will need to make choices you never thought you would have to make. You will surrender things you never thought you would have to let go of and you will need to get really comfortable with sitting in the uncomfortable, because each time you wash away a part of you that was living out of congruence with your highest good you are going to feel discomfort, you have never been here before, you have never seen this version of you and as your true self begins to emerge, you will be getting to know an entirely new person. 

Becoming congruent takes complete devotion and spiritual fierceness. It can be scary AF and the journey will stretch you to uncomfortable limits you have never experienced before but you will also experience growth in ways you couldn’t have ever imagined. It takes guts and it takes courage to walk away from what is out of alignment with your sovereignty. 

You will need to undoubtedly trust your intuition even if what is being asked of you feels impossible. You need to be willing and ready to unpack lifetimes of limiting beliefs and fears that have become so entrenched in your subconscious holding you back from your limitless brilliance. 

So I ask you this now…How long must you wait for it? 

How long are you going to keep yourself suffering by holding onto stories that are no longer yours? 

How long are you going to take to make the choice to become congruent so that you can step into your self-sovereignty and own your body and your life with integrity? 

How long are you going to wait to transform into the fullest expression of yourself? 

Give yourself permission to explore whatever excites your soul and set yourself free. Be in your place. Stand powerfully in your self-sovereignty by becoming congruent with your truth. 

I promise you this, it will be a truly glorious adventure and one you are so worthy of. 



Gabrielle Rose is a certified Intuitive Guide who supports women as the journey to meet their highest self by anchoring into their self sovereignty and exploring their sexuality.

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