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Understanding chakras are about going beyond any kind of philosophy or ideas. It’s truly about you becoming deeply connected to the truth of what you are – which is infinite and unlimited.

Your subtle Anatomy is the truest and most important part of you because it’s the part of you that is determining how the physical shows up. So if we were to care for our subtle Anatomy we would find our physical health would come into balance very quickly and easily.

The chakras are part of the aura, the energy body is a way for us to begin to break our addiction to thinking through 3d reality and the dominant senses. It is also used to to train ourselves to starts thinking through energy, frequency and vibration rather than to focus on the ideas of the dominant physical material plane.

These physical senses are actually the illusory aspects of us or the parts of us that are most dense also the parts of us that are hardest to change. If we want to see change in our reality and change in our physical health and anything in our lives we need to start with that subtle realm.

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Learn the practice that invites you to encode a new reality.

This free consciousness encoding meditation can guide you in understanding the law of correspondence and learning how to cultivate the vibrational frequency that is a match for all that we desire.