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Why is the abundance not yet flowing? Why is the abundance not yet matching the sense of purpose and intentionality of your work?

Because there is still a disconnect in the sense of worthiness, of who and what you are in the world. There’s still a belief that somehow you are not God, you are not yet able to give yourself full permission to inhabit that truth that you are not like God or doing God’s work.

A shift in perception of what you are, will bring everything into alignment. When that occurs, the work, the medicine that you offer will become clear. This will not only make everything you offer so much more powerful, it finds the people who are destined to work with you so much more clarity.

The second question is “I feel there is a bigger purpose than my external 3D reality that’s reflecting back to me” “I feel like there’s something bigger for me”

What I’m going to share with you today will both delight you and disappoint you. But it will also set you free.

You do not have a “special” purpose. Nobody has a special purpose. Likewise, you have the most important purpose on the planet, as does every single human being.

There is no individual ego identified purpose – that is the illusion of the ego that tries to keep you separate from living your holiness right now. Waiting for special conditions or for something to change such as “I have to have more clients” or “I have to get out of this job” or whatever the story is.

We put all these special conditions between us and our sacred service/our purpose. But here is our purpose. Our purpose is to serve whatever is right in front of us, our purpose is to be that most forgiving, most compassionate, most loving person in the room right here and now in whatever conditions present themselves.

Your job is to find God in that situation, to be forgiving of that situation. That doesn’t mean you stay in that situation, that doesn’t mean that you live with that person or you stay in that crappy job or whatever the scenario is. But to get on board with it by recognizing that your job is not to say “that thing/person/situation is the reason I can’t find my purpose”.

Your destiny is the same as everybody else’s destiny – meet what is right in front of you and bring God to it. Illuminate your life and let your life then change as a result.

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