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The archetypal energy available around a new moon is very much of that inward-looking Saraswathi energy. The veils are thin and we can access the kind of subtle realms with much more ease. The work I will show with you today is from the intuitive intelligence method which is an approach to evaluating the human energy field that I developed as part of the third level training. This training trains women as gold standard laser-like intuitive guides who can access the subtle realms of their client in order to support their client to be able to remove the blocks and obstacles to connect to their intuitive. This allows them to know their intuitive intelligence with the deepest amount of self-reliance, really moving away from this idea that we need someone with special magic powers to do it for us. All of us can train this muscle. We all innately possess a powerful intuition but until we commit to training it can often remain like lots of our muscles hidden beneath the layers of fat- not working in a way that’s really powerful and serving us.

The women who come into the third level spend a year becoming masterful in the method. Part of the method is that we commune with the sacred archetypes. There are 13 that we work with in the method and they come from predominantly the work of Carl Jung. We have adapted them to our own purposes. The Union Archetypes have been adapted in many many different places and at different times. The 13 that we work with come from my work with many women over several years of doing one-on-one sessions.

I’m just going to share with you the feminine versions. There are masculine versions as well, but our work is predominantly with the Sacred Feminine.

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