Increase your connection to your intuition and supercharge your personal power through short, succinct and evidence-based programs that go

beyond the trinkets and superstitions of the new age.

Superconscious Intuition

Brand new training out now

Glow up your intuition

This is high intensity intuition – all access, all the time – to your highest form of intelligence. Intuition Development as the most powerful approach to human optimisation and Superconscious Intuition takes you on the most direct path to your optimised life.

this program offers…

  • The way to work with our intuition as our most powerful optimisation strategy
  • An embodied path to cultivate intuition as a state of being
  • A whole of life approach to increased intuition
  • An approach to intuition development to increase our spiritual agency
  • A spiritually mature form of intuition training that is not about new age platitudes
  • A rigorous and uncompromising system to refine and magnify our highest form of intelligence

Spiritually Fierce

Science combined with ancient wisdom, the keys to a truly turned on intuition.

  • You want to deeply trust your intuition, but there’s a crippling doubt when it comes to the things that really matter.
  • You want an intuition that is always on, not something that comes and goes.
  • You want to increase the quality of your life by making intuitively guided decisions, but fear of getting it wrong gets in the way.
  • You want to be connected to your highest purpose, but you can never get clear on it.
  • You want to take your intuition to the next level but no matter how many crystals or oracle cards you buy, nothing really changes.

It feels like there is something you’re missing.

Spiritually Fierce is the missing piece of the puzzle to embody an unlimited intuition.

Higher POwer

Fighting the fear is always tricky, but it helps me realise what my own personal issues or shadows are, and the resources to tackle those.

It has helped me realise how powerful I am. I would definitely recommend this program, and it doesn’t matter what level you’re at or where you are in your spiritual journey – novice through to experienced.”

Theresa Garcia

An alternative, grace-infused model of leadership.

  • You yearn to embody your service and lead your community through a soul-centric model
  • You feel the vastness of what you are being called to offer and it can become overwhelming at times
  • You know you have so much to bring into the world but you are afraid of replicating the ‘guru’ model or inadvertently taking other’s power
  • You can feel divine power within you but you don’t know how to harness it to its full potential
  • You yearn for a new model of leadership that does not cause harm
  • You desire support for the shadow aspects of leadership that no one is talking about.
  • You often feel on the edge of burnout

I felt all of this and I knew there had to be something more, a better way, a more life-sustaining and satisfying way to stay the course of the spiritual leader.

And one day, it dropped into my consciousness…

A formula, a system, a truth.

Best online learning I have ever experienced.

I recommend the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence for the high quality teaching and learning standards they offer. They are commitment to serving their students is outstanding.

Doris Mounsey

This program is a MUST DO for all leaders, spiritual and otherwise.

I recently finished the training “Higher Power”. Ricci-Jane shares the new paradigm on Sacred Leadership. This program is a MUST DO for all leaders, spiritual and otherwise. It will change the way we show up in the world. Imagine how the world would be when everyone is in their sacred leadership.

Bhawana Dahiya

mobile phone with headphones

Learn the practice that invites you to encode a new reality.

This free consciousness encoding meditation can guide you in understanding the law of correspondence and learning how to cultivate the vibrational frequency that is a match for all that we desire.