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The dominant clairs unpacked! What’s yours?

Clairsentience, voyance, audience and cognisance – what does it all mean and how does knowing what we are improve our intuition?

Clair means Clea – It’s the prefix to the way that you receive your intuition. This might be clairsentience – to feel, Clairaudience – to hear, Clairvoyance – to see, claircognizance – to know. That’s a Faculty of the mind, I want to break this down and investigate those terms so as to debunk some of the myths around these ideas. We very often will use clairvoyance, for example, as a way to describe all psychic or intuitive skills that someone might have might have, but this is actually quite a specific skill. It’s not necessarily accurate to call people who can see spiritual sight “Clairvoyants”, In fact, there’s a lot more going on than that. This is really an opportunity to become more intimate with your own intuition and I encourage you to enjoy and embrace the journey of being an explorer of your intuitive senses.

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