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In this episode, not only do Josephine Hardman and I discover we have a similar background, from being raised in spiritual homes to pursuing the path of academia, we also learn that we share a very similar ethos in our current service.

Josephine is a passionate teacher of the Akashic records.

She has a strong ethical foundation and strives to provide her students with the keys to their own freedom beyond the ego, spiritual gatekeeping and avoiding spiritual bypassing.

This is a rich conversation, and I adore Josephine’s insight to the Akash. There is so much to learn here so settle in and enjoy.


Josephine Hardman, PhD is a certified intuitive healer and Akashic Records practitioner and teacher.

She taught college for 10 years before leaving academia to do spiritual work full-time. Her purpose is to help her clients and students awaken the healer within — the aspect of themselves that is powerfully intuitive, wise, connected, and at peace.

Through a self-paced course and a comprehensive certification program, Josephine teaches others how to access the Akashic Records for healing, transformation, and spiritual evolution.

In this episode we discuss:

  • spiritual gatekeeping and the myth of ‘special conditions’ to access the Akash

  • inclusive spirituality and teaching inner authority

  • Josephine’s perspective on what the Akashic records are and how to access them

  • Accurate, relevant, useful spiritual information – applying spirituality to everyday life!


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Let Go Now: Embracing Detachment by Karen Casey.


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