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I contacted Amelia to be on the podcast after I read a post of hers that stated, ‘weed makes me a better mom’. I knew I needed to get her in to unpack this and explore something that struck a deep chord in me without knowing why. What followed was one of my all-time fave interviews as Amelia shared so deeply about her life, on the precipice of packing up her family and moving from California to Portugal. If you are interested in understanding how Psilocybin, weed and so much more might support your best life then lean in!


Amelia Travis is a women’s coach, writer, speaker, breathwork facilitator and yoga teacher who has impacted thousands of lives through yoga education programs and women’s empowerment retreats.

Amelia’s journey to an empowered life wasn’t easy. Body dysmorphia, people pleasing and perfectionist tendencies led to drug addiction, disordered eating, abusive relationships and a “sugar baby” lifestyle. Through yoga, surfing, and spirituality, Amelia found her way to healing and educating others while building a multi-six figure business serving women.

She is a powerful truth teller, TEDx speaker, and her writing has been published in Yoga Journal, Huffington Post, and the Inertia. She’s the founder of Stoked Yogi and host of the Women Awake event and podcast.

Amelia holds a BA in literature and creative writing, Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500, breathwork certifications with David Elliott, and she doesn’t plan to ever stop learning.

You can find her on the beach, in the ocean, the circle of women, or wandering in nature somewhere, singing songs with her two male bodied patriarchy disrupting children, and her surf-rat husband, Brent.

In this episode we discuss:

  • From sugar baby to devout Christian

  • being a little stoned allows the lens of appreciation and curiosity

  • the history of the regulation and use of cannabis and Psilocybin

  • The profound mystical teacher that is fungi

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