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In this episode, Leneth guides me through her journey to become the spiritual feminist and lead a sacred rebellion. She unpacks why these two ideas – spirituality and feminism – are so often misunderstood. I sort Leneth out to be interviewed on the podcast because I love the title of her podcast and all she stands for. Leneth is a no nonsense Dutch woman on a mission and this conversation is so rich.


Leneth is the founder of The Spiritual Feminist, a platform and podcast for women who feel the call to live an empowered and more spiritually-minded life.

As an intuitive mentor, energy healer and yoga teacher, Leneth guides women back to their own innate wisdom and inspires them to ignite their inner fire. Her popular podcast features conversations with Becca Piastrelli, Cassandra Wilder and Sarah Robinson, among others, and covers a wide range of topics within holistic healing, cyclical living and embodied empowerment.

Leneth’s main mission in life is to show women that everything they need, they already carry within them. Now is the time to journey home to that inner magic!

In this episode we discuss:

  • the internalised beliefs of womanhood keep us small
  • how the good girl is making us unworthy
  • understanding intersectional feminism
  • the responsibility of spiritual white women

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