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In this episode, I interview my first spiritual teacher, Institute mentor and my mother, Angelique Adams. I adore this conversation and I have to admit that I got to know my mum in ways I had not known before! Angelique has an incredibly personal story, in a life that has often not been easy. But her faith has been a constant and I am so honoured to have this experience with my funny, wise, gentle mama. I know you will too.


I have been a student of all things metaphysical for more than 40 years and I have been blessed to learn from some of the greats of my time.

I was a student and teacher of various modalities as I travelled extensively with my young family through the years.

EMF Balancing Technique, Reiki Teacher Trainer, Meditation Teacher, Lightworker Training.

Intuitive Intelligence Tapping is a technique I created for the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence, after I learned tapping from some powerful teachers in the world of energy psychology. From the remarkable researcher Dr Peta Stapleton, associate professor at Bond University, Dr Dawson Church, a researcher at EFT Universe, creator of EFT, Gary Craig, Steve Wells of Intention Tapping – there are more and I continue to learn.

Tapping is my passion and I am blessed to incorporate the guidance of my spiritual teachers with the energy work of my own healing knowledge creating a unique session for each client.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The unexpected danger of Angelique’s spiritual awakening
  • Living as a young mother in Saudia Arabia in the 80’s
  • Her experience of Findhorn and a bilocating teacher
  • Her passion for Tapping

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