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Saran-Beth Barrett is a self-healing facilitator. In this episode, we find out from a recent graduate of the Intuitive Intelligence Method, Sarah-Beth, what exactly that means and how the program changed her service and her life. Saran-Beth shares an incredible story of self-healing from a 12-year kidney obstruction and how the Method was the missing link in revolutionising her service.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • moving from mindset coaching to self-healing facilitator
  • how subconscious fear releasing was the missing piece of her service
  • recovering from chronic illness
  • Sarah-Beth’s vision for her service


Sarah-Beth Barrett is devoted to helping sensitive souls reclaim peace and create a nourishing inner sanctuary to authentically thrive in an often overstimulating world. Through the integration of multiple modalities that include the Intuitive Intelligence Method, Reiki and Coaching, she facilitates the healing of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances and supports others in embracing their wholeness, navigating their journey with resilience, and aligning with their true purpose and inner wisdom.


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