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In this solo episode, I share some of my journey from 18 to 30. I share the evolution of my spirituality and, in particular, my relationship to my intuition. Through a very passionate life, with lots of ignoring my intuition, I still evolved a rich and beautiful life, achieving so much before my 30th birthday. Could I have done it more easily? Absolutely! But at that time, intensity was my middle name! From working in a crystal shop to marrying the wrong (but wonderful) man, every life experience helped me understand who I am and my dharma – to share the liberating power of awakening our intuition within.

In this episode, I share:

  1. Studying Transpersonal Counseling
  2. Moving to Melbourne after a personal crisis
  3. What I learned about intuition from being a shop psychic
  4. Why I didn’t end up as an academic
  5. And so much more!

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