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Chenae Carey is a woman on the move. Literally! She recently moved into a van with her husband, forgoing the comfort and stability of a more standard way of living. Chenae seeks freedom in all she does, but freedom in her understanding, is not about NOT showing up to life and her purpose. It is about living beyond fear. Moving into a van is not a fantasy. It is a way to ensure she is living in the growth zone, getting to know herself and her relationship more deeply, and expanding her life in planned and unexpected ways. Chenae is a trailblazer and we dive into her life in this glorious conversation.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • what entrepreneurial freedom really means
  • how she brings business and intuition together
  • how fear propels our business forward when we know how to work with it
  • why training intuition matters to work ethically


Chenae Carey is an Intuitive Business Mentor who specialises in businesses run by women. Her work bridges the gap between practical strategy and intuitive guidance. Highly motivated by her value of freedom and a strong desire to not feel imprisoned by her business, Chenae is a demonstration of how to use her business as a vehicle of transformation.





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