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Ilonka Lucas spent years numb to her own life and escaping into fantasy through books and TV. She was on autopilot. Until one day, she realised she had forgotten to cure cancer! What this realisation meant to her was that she had forgotten herself, and to show up to life in a really big way. A journey of awakening began, and she now guides other women from crisis to catalyst for powerful positive change.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • how a midlife crisis is different for a woman compared to a man’s experience
  • what a midlife crisis feels like
  • how this crisis is a call of the soul
  • the psychic reading that set Ilonka on her path


Very usual hum drum life with the common ups and downs that many of us face. In my mid-thirties I had a crisis of identity, purpose, and time – I felt that I had forgotten to do that great special thing, to have an impact and that by then it was too late to start over. I believed that I had screwed up my life and rather than waking me up, this sent me into a tailspin of apathy, seclusion, and in hindsight depression. I hid myself away in fiction and fantasy and my dark night of the soul lasted for years. It was existing rather than living.

2019 is when things began to shift. A friend of mine was going to see a psychic and asked if I wanted to come along for a day trip and a reading. I did. I didn’t like everything that I heard, in fact, I tried to reason with her so that what she said would align with what I wanted, rather than the actions I was being asked to take.

It didn’t matter, the seeds were planted and I went home and began to take action. Opportunities presented themselves and mentors entered my life. The initial stages of my spiritual awakening and personal growth were very fast. By the end of the year I had undergone a vast transformation, my life was expanding and unrecognisable from what it had been. I was on an upward spiral that touched every aspect of my life.

The key was meeting and releasing subconscious fear. This is what drew me to the Institute. From there I stepped into my Spiritual Fierceness. I evolved beyond my imagining.

My life is incredibly rich in so many ways, I feel fulfilled, purposeful and I know that rather than being halfway over, my life, my journey, has only just begun.

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