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by Kim Herman

My self-development development journey led me to discover that I was powerful and wise and that I was the leader in my life. The main ingredient that allowed me to do this was faith. 



Faith – the complete trust in someone or something (Oxford Dictionary).

I can remember being as young as four and having this inner knowing and feeling of a greater presence; knowing I was part of something bigger. I have never been religious – as no one religion soothed my soul. I had faith in the infinite, a belief that the infinite would support me. But there was no daily interaction. When life felt tough I would pray for help, but when life was good there was little conversation between me and the infinite.

My thirties sparked the start of my self-development journey. I had become a mother of two beautiful children and all my emotional hurts from my past, all the emotions I had pushed down and ignored, began to surface. They surfaced as anger. Anger that would be triggered by the smallest of things. Anger that seemed to control me; anger that was taken out on my children & husband. Anger that came from not feeling good enough, feeling like a failure, feeling guilty and full of shame, feeling anxious. My life was out of control.

So the healing began. Finally, in 2016 I found a modality and tool that allowed me to deal with my emotions at the core, to heal my past and to tap into the deep wisdom that lay within me. I had found my emotional intelligence and self-esteem. I had found FAITH in me. For the first time in my life, I believed I was enough and I felt confident in my ability to handle life. Life improved immensely, but it still felt like something was missing. Ahhhhh I had forgotten my relationship with the infinite again.

Thankfully in 2017 I found the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence and completed the Initiate Program and later the Third Level program. Success – I had found a long-lasting relationship and faith in the infinite. I had found my Intuitive Intelligence and spiritual self-esteem.


The Law of One states that we are all part of  God, and because we are part of God, we too are God. So we are the infinite.  Ricci-Jane Adams so eloquently says in her book ‘Spiritually Fierce’ – ‘I am a divine piece of benevolent God that is always working on my behalf and is communicating with me all the time.’ 

So you see what this means is that you cannot have faith in the infinite and not have faith in yourself. You cannot have faith in yourself and not have faith in the infinite – for they are one.  It is our humanness that separates the infinite from us. 

I discovered that when I found my faith in both, I found the recipe for me to be able to navigate this human existence with more ease and flow. I found that I was the leader and creator of my life. 

The law of correspondence teaches us that we are the creator and leader of our life. As above, so below; as below, so above – the thoughts and images that we hold in our minds, in our consciousness, manifest in our external reality.  We create our reality.

How do we do this?

I have found that daily ritual and devotion are the foundations for maintaining my relationship with the infinite, strengthening my spiritual self-esteem. Rituals such as daily meditation, heart congruence, time spent daily in silence, solitude, and stillness. When I made all of these part of my every day, I found a glorious place. A strong faith in the infinite created a great sense of inner peace. I found a place where I could consciously raise my vibration, meet my fears and surrender my desires to infinite. Letting go of expectations on how they would come about. Being able to trust and know that things would always work out for my highest good.

I built my self-confidence and worth by doing the inner work and healing my past and on the way discovering that there were tools that made the process fast and not too difficult.  I found a glorious place where I found faith in myself, I found my self-belief. I found the courage and confidence to meet my fears and to take action when I received the guidance from the infinite. 

When you find that faith in both yourself and the infinite; when you trust your intuition completely and take inspired action with self-confidence – That is when you find your inner power and you become the leader of your own life.


*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 4 2019.


Kim Herman is an Intuitive Guide, Third Level Priestess, and Creatrix® Transformologist®. She is a women’s emotional and mindset transformation specialist who guides women to break free from their emotional baggage and know the truth of who they are so they can create the life they want with confidence.

At age 37 she found herself completely burnt out and an emotional wreck. She could no longer push down the hurt and pain she had suppressed and it rose as anger. Her self-development and healing journey led her in many directions and she now uses the tools that helped her  the most, to help other women overcome their past allowing them to create a life they love.

Kim wants all women to know themselves as the divine unlimited goddess they truly are and that they can be the author of their life.

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