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The heart is the core of our physical forms, powering every part of our body. Yet the heart has come to be associated with emotion, as much as the mind is seen as the intellectual hub of our beings. Mind and matter, heart and head.

Popular wisdom would have it that the heart that should never rule the head, being as it is governed by the frequently illogical whims of emotion. The mind is logical, intelligent, and better capable of judging a situation to decide upon the best course of action to take.

One must always be careful not to let one’s heart run away with one’s head.

Yet at the same time, one must also speak from one’s heart, follow one’s heart, connect with, consult with, and lead with one’s heart.

This seeming paradox is another symptom of the duality of the modern age, and the human obsession with all things being neatly defined as this, or that.

Body, or soul. Heart, or mind.

But the extent of the relationship between the body’s two most vital organs contradicts this dualistic view of them, and demonstrates there’s a far greater intelligence at work within the body than either your emotional or mental intelligence.

Aristotle And How The Heart Rules The Head

Aristotle was a propounder of a ‘cardiocentric‘ version of human anatomy, which held that the true centre of human intelligence lay, not in the mind, but in the heart. In recent years science has caught up with this belief, with the discovery of a few key facts about how the heart functions in relation to the rest of the body.

A human heart contains roughly 40,000 neural cells, forming a nervous system which sends complex signals to the brain, more signals than the brain sends to the heart. While the brain produces hormones, the heart does too, including adrenaline, oxytocin, dopamine and ANF.

Biophysically, the heart creates a wave every time it contracts, which sends blood through the body, synchronising the energetic signals of the body’s various parts, including the brain.

But perhaps the most crucial observation is the electromagnetic power of the heart, which is 5,000 times greater than that of the brain.

The Electromagnetic Heart

Every individual has a human heart field surrounding their body, an electromagnetic field emitted by their heart. This field is a signal network of sorts, affecting our mental and physical processes, as well as our emotional health. The heart field extends around us in every direction at a range of fifteen to twenty-five feet, and interacts with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, as well as the electromagnetic frields emitted by other living beings – not just people, but also animals and plants.

We’re connected to all things with electromagnetic qualities, by the interactions of these fields. This includes stars, other planets, and even space.

While science has yet to discover the extent to which the heart fields of the individual are affected by the other electromagnetic fields in their environments, it’s been clear for some time that there is a deeper connectivity to the universe and everyone and everything in it than we might first suspect.

Our heart fields are capable of communicating information throughout our bodies, regulating vital functions. Our minds – the intellectual centre of our being – are capable of tapping into and interpreting the information that exists within our heart fields.

Information that transcends that which is readily available to us using our five conventional senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, hearing), all of which are physical means of gathering information through sensation.

This process is known as ‘heart intelligence’ and is capable of expanding the human consciousness further into the infinite, allowing us to add an extra dimension to our experience and understanding of ourselves and God.

By accessing our heart intelligence we take one step closer to healing our divided nature. The heart and head need not function in opposition. No longer sundered, a joined heart and mind creates a higher form of intelligence, deeply connected to the universe and the infinite, and infinitely more powerful than either is individually. This is called Intuitive Intelligence.

What Exactly Is Intuitive Intelligence?

Your heart intelligence directs and then works in harmony with the other forms of intelligence at work within your being (mental, emotional, and physical intelligence) and boosts your comprehension of the world and your place in it. It also increases your performance in areas such as high-order thinking, creativity and (crucially) intuition. Heart intelligence becomes intuitive intelligence when we recognise that the heart is the portal to the Infinite One Mind.

When intuitive intelligence can be fully embraced and integrated into our consciousness it provides a powerful, present, fully-connected and infinite consciousness-directed insight into all areas of our lives.

Our heart fields are a source of powerful energy. While the brain has electromagnetic properties, research has demonstrated that, electrically speaking, the heart is a hundred times more powerful. And as such it is the gateway to the that infinite field that unifies us all.

Your intuitive intelligence is the energy that unifies all aspects of yourself, and brings them into a state of harmony with the Unified Field. Studies have also shown that by creating heart coherence within our heart fields, individuals are capable of positively impacting their own health, and that of others around them. This is because we are connected to a much greater power than our own personal resources.

This coherence (sometimes called psycho-physiological coherence) is the ability to accept the flow of life and the universe; the capacity for the acceptance of things in the moments they happen, and the understanding that life is an experience lived moment-to-moment.

Simply put, it’s the ability to relax into the flow of events and accept them as they unfold, rather than resisting.

Coherence is where we discover joy and grace.

Coherence is where we met ourselves as the Infinite.

The Benefits Of Active Intuitive Intelligence

If this is all sounding a little fuzzy and ‘woo woo’, there is a new field of scientific research dedicated to the study of heart intelligence called neurocardiology. This term is literally an amalgamation of ‘neurology’ – the study of the brain – and ‘cardiology’ – the study of the heart.

While it’s a relatively new field there are demonstrable benefits in terms of tools and skills that can be gained through the activation of your heart intelligence.

But the new science is so often simply confirming ancient wisdom.

It’s possible to use your intuitive intelligence to boost your positive feelings, while decreasing your negative emotions, helping you to release anxiety, stress and worry. Instead you will increase your capacity for joy, love, appreciation, compassion and creativity. It is possible to live in a constant state of connection to the unified field. This is the beginning of partnering with the highest and most powerful part of you.

And if the spiritual and emotional benefits aren’t enough for you, intuitive intelligence can help you build a reserve of energy, and grant you clarity and increased mental focus, particularly when it comes to spiritual awareness. There is evidence that by mastering your heart intelligence, you can also positively affect your body on a physical level, improving your inner terrain by reducing stresses, strains and even pain.

It can also bring your life into focus, allowing you to forge more harmonious, intimate and authentic relationships, and gain greater insights into your purpose and goals in life.

Opening to your intuitive intelligence is, in fact, the purpose of your life.

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