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As above, so below; as below so above.

     The second immutable law is the law of correspondence.

What the law of correspondence means is that the thoughts and images that we hold in our conscious and subconscious mind will manifest their exact likeness in our external reality.

The outer world is a reflection of what is within us.

This law, like all the cosmic laws, is impartial, and works unceasingly for the good or the bad. The law of correspondence requires that we know we are in partnership with the Infinite, or God.

In other words, we are not doing it alone.

This requires absolute trust.

There are a few steps before we can truly know if we are living in accordance with the law.

The first is, as has been said earlier, that we trust.

And the second condition for the law of correspondence to really come into right action is that we possess self-esteem, which is why we began the process of activating our self-esteem in the previous section.

For the law of correspondence to work in our favour, we are going to need our spiritual self-esteem.

Why does this law require we trust the Infinite?

And what does that have to do with self-esteem?

Let’s break it down: the law states that what we hold in our consciousness (remembering that, as the law of mentalism tells us, consciousness is everything because all is of the mind) we will manifest in the outer world.

This makes sense when we apply it to the law of correspondence, because this law tells us that the inner and outer are in fact one. The trust we need to feel in our co-creative partner, the Infinite, is simply trust in ourselves, because we are that – we are God.

So trusting the Infinite is one condition of adhering to the law of correspondence.

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