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How do we live with the truth of the fact that we have separated from God?

And how do we reconcile ourselves to that and find whatever life we are meant to be living?

Effectively we’re talking about the dream of separation. This is the key archetypal fear that all human beings carry inside of them. We carry it deeply buried in our subconscious and until we wake up and until we go on that journey of awakening to ourselves as God that fear will remain latent.

When it starts to be uncovered and when we start to connect to it, we are actually evolving. This is the next stage of your evolution and it may be something that you’ve encountered before.

It’s an archetypal evolutionary stage of the awakening mystic – of the awakening seeker. We will have to work with that fear of our separation very often for people will feel it as though they’ve been abandoned by God here on this planet. We think that our fear is about one thing or another but all fear is this archetypal fear of the separation from God. Because it’s buried in our subconscious it plays out through our ego identified psyche in lots of different ways.

So how we live with the truth (or the perceived truth) that we’re separate from God?

“We are asleep in the arms of God dreaming of separation” – Course in Miracles

This quote is – to me – the balm for the Soul. It is how we overcome all of our doubts, our fears, and our horrors of the world. How we move forward when we’ve experienced grief and tragedy and trauma and it’s how we reconcile ourselves to the truth of what this human life is.

The truth of human life (in my philosophy), this reality is nothing but a dream. It’s a very intentional and purposeful dream- it’s not to say this life that we live in is a dream and therefore you can do whatever you want. The dream of human reality is in service to our awakening so we are asleep in the arms of God dreaming of separation in order to wake up in order to remember what we are -which is God. It is infinite unlimited consciousness. We’ve simply gone into this temporary amnesia in order to be able to condense our magnificent selves into this human form for a little time. The idea that what we’re enacting in the dream of human life is simply a projection of our consciousness.

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