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I would love to share with you that I think might be helpful in deepening your devotion in order to increase the intentionality of your life. We spend the majority of our days reacting to external stimuli, and we spend about five per cent of our time intentionally encoding consciousness to order up from the infinite one mind that which we want to be experiencing. I want to be really careful here that you don’t think that I’m talking here about making God your bitch and just create a vision board and that Ferrari and the house in the Cayman Islands will just be produced for you. In fact, is a fallacy. Those things are just ways that the ego distracts us from the true purpose of living an intentional life.

What I mean by living a life that is intentional and in congruence with your vision is that you get to choose the state of being that you inhabit. That requires you to cultivate a devotional practice so that when life happens, and life will continue to happen, that you will not collapse into an anxious fear-ridden heap. You will actually maintain that state of bliss regardless of what is happening externally – and that is success!

Success, in human terms, is measured in this idea of gaining or attaining stuff. But in spiritual terms, success is measured by maintaining a state of connection (or to oneness), that state of grace, even when life is different to your expectations. That to me is my ultimate goal. When you do cultivate that state of being, life will start to match that frequency and you will start to find that the things you are wanting to attain will actually start just coming to you with ease and grace, without you having to make that shopping list for God. This happens because you have raised or matched your vibration to to be congruent with the highest possible frequency – and that is God consciousness or infinite one mind consciousness.

This is not to say that you will be able to hold your frequency at that level all the time. This just means that we can make a life that is intentionally directed towards the cultivation of attaining that bliss state all of the time so that we are not reacting to external stimuli and falling into a heap every time life goes a little bit differently to our very fixed idea of success. This idea is very simply that you cannot attain or go along the spiritual path whilst holding on to the idea that success is the attainment of stuff.

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