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When I began working in this world – when I began to do this work professionally for myself, I was a shop psychic. I sat in a small room at the back of a crystal shop and it was incredible training, an incredible apprenticeship into understanding, not only the work that I do and how the work works, but to understand human nature. What I understood from my own experience of not only being a psychic but also visiting other psychic readers and intuitive readers, was to understand what worked and what didn’t for me. What doesn’t work for me in this field of tuning into other people’s energy bodies and accessing information, is the lack of specificity. The fact of the matter is, there is inherent interconnectedness between all consciousness – so my consciousness is connected to the one mind of God and every single thing in the cosmos is producing a field that is inherently interconnected. So when I would go and sit before a psychic or a reader, I would get this scattergun of information directed at me because what they were doing was simply picking up whatever was randomly popping up in my field and responding to that. Archetypally, people tend to be looking for information around things like money, career, relationships, and to have the big questions of their life answered as though there were one path.

I found in my own work, that I couldn’t tolerate working that way anymore. What I saw was people coming to me to take the burden of responsibility of their life from them and to give them an answer. So I really could have told them anything! One of two things was going to happen – they were either going to believe what I shared with them and then they would build a reality based on what I said as though it were god-given truth or they were going to reject it because it didn’t match their subconscious belief about themselves and the world. Eeither way it was not helpful. Even if you went to see the world’s greatest psychic, what can be determined is only relevant for the moment in time that they’re accessing your consciousness. That’s because our belief is what determines our reality. But, your beliefs change. So I felt a great weight of responsibility that I was in some way determining people’s destinies or interfering with their path by giving them answers.

So, I created the method as a structured energy evaluation. Knowing that the problem was always the same for everyone. The problem is always fear! Unmet, subconscious fear. So the most powerful thing that I can do for my client is to look to their subtle Anatomy to find what the dominant fear is at the time. What will show to me is whatever is most important for me to serve in them. So if another qualified intuitive guide was to sit with them, another subconscious fear might present itself, because it’s the alchemy between the evaluator and the client that determines how efficaciously we can move through this fear together. What we do then, is we move from identifying the dominant negative self belief to meet and release that fear. What happens then is that your intuitive knowing, your connection to your non-local intuition, that infinite unlimited consciousness that contains all time and space, your natural innate connection will open. So you only need me for a limited amount of time. This first session that the intuitive guide will conduct with you is this thorough energetic evaluation. We identify the dominant negative self belief, then we identify the shadow archetype. There’s four shadow archetypes that is telling your story around this fear. It could be the child, the victim, the prostitute, or the saboteur. They’re framing your life, so you’re seeing through the lens of that shadow archetype.

We then move to looking at your chakra body, and we look to how this fear is interrupting the proper flow of energy in your chakra systems. Specifically there’ll be a main primary chakra, usually one of the three lowest survival chakras, which may be interrupting the flow of energy in any of the seven major chakras. We will attune those chakras by placing our attention there. We’re then going to look at where you took on that dominant fear, that is an opportunity for us to show you that this fear is not new and that you’ve been carrying it around for potentially this whole lifetime or lifetimes.

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