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I am a Mystic

Kate Ciprian

I am a Mystic living in the modern world.

I am.

So hum.

I am that I am.

A Medicine Woman of the millennium.

Every step of my life has come to this moment.

The truth of that we are.

The truth of that I am A Mystic.

All of my life has been a knowing. 

To freely express these words in this life comes as such a gift!

For once upon a time if we spoke of ritual, prayer and devotion to the divine, we were burned for speaking words of freedom. Scorned for our choice of Love over Fear.

I am fully Divine.

I am fully Human

I am both, a Mystic in the modern world.

Mystical is the feeling state I choose, to be united. Going deep within to merge with the soul and to be the paradox that we are everything that ever exists and nothing at all!

As I speak these words, I’m walking on a trail in the mountain, feeling one with nature.

The Mystics cave follows me.

As I live in this modern world, moments of gratitude arise when I am in nature. I am constantly receiving the energies guidance and support that whispers to my soul. 

Forever searching: for the moments where we unite time with no time and become nobody. The moment you link in with the energy, the consciousness of the cosmos, the universe and the stardusts, which we are a part of, in that moment connected to everything.

To create the space between the spaces. 

The stillness, the silence, the peace and feeling of yet again your Soul is at home.

For we are the universe, and the universe is us; the Mystics on Earth.

I devote my daily living to the divine within me and all around me. Consciously choose to take a path of the Mystic in this modern world. To be moments more energy than matter and at other times to fully embrace my Humanness. 

My Soul feels so grateful and at home knowing these words can be spoken with freedom, freedom of choice to how I choose to live.

I seek to spend moments sitting in nature, at one with the energies of this land. I give thanks to the energies of Earth and I thank them for holding me with each breath.

I become the Mystic when I become one with my breath.

I feel the energy rise from Mother Earth, coming through my body through the charkas. Energy moves through the physical areas of my body, feeling the energetic breath rise, holding this container of energy within, in this physical form and allowing your breath to pause.

That energetic breath drops back down to the root charka but the energy of Mother Earth goes up to meet father sky, uniting in perfect harmony.

Come fully into your body becoming one with your breath.

Feeling the Kundalini rising, like the phoenix that you are. Opening your wings and your heart to the sky, to the gods and the spirit of life, firmly having your feet supported by the Earth. The crown of your head is connected to father Sky and the feet connecting to Mother Earth.

As long as I’m in this connection, I am the Mystic in this modern world. A Medicine Woman and through my Humanness; I am connected to the Divine!

 Say yes to the Mystic in you, this is all I need in life, daily devotion to the Mystic in me.

This daily devotion to life creates life as the ritual; it brings with it a heavenly richness. A deliciousness and sensual surrendering into nature and being held! 

This is my cave.

The path as a Mystic is one I choose to walk.

I live a life that is sacred to me, Sacred Heart Living.

Embracing the natural elements of this world, Father Sky, Mother Earth, Pacchimumma, she the greatest Mystic of all.

I am the daughter of she.

A mystic.


*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 3 2019


Kate Anne is a holistic wellness mentor, guiding men and women to surrender to their heart, soul and passion. Loves time in nature, lives surrounded by the sea with her beautiful boy Sol. 

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