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I am a Spiritual Leader!

Daniela Godfrey


Spiritual Leadership is close to my heart and I’d like to share my journey how I became a spiritual leader. 

Last year I certified as an Intuitive Guide after completing Third Level 12-month training with Dr Ricci-Jane Adams, founder of Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. This course changed my life!

There is a module in the Third Level course called ‘Spiritual Leadership’ which teaches what a spiritual leader is and what qualities you need to be a spiritual leader. This learning made me realise I needed to do more work on myself if I wanted to be, in the true sense, a spiritual leader. That is; to step up and not be afraid to lead others into their awakening.

Ricci-Jane’s teaching is; ‘we live in extraordinary times and need to lead now as the world needs more spiritual leaders. We are here to awaken and it is about our evolution not our comfort.’ Spiritual Leader is an archetype, an energy pattern that comes into our life when we awaken and are ready to lead the revolution. 

During my Intuitive Intelligence training with Ricci-Jane, I learnt, Intuition is the entry point into spiritual awakening and the connection with higher power. I learnt; I am part of the Divine Consciousness – God, and I am here for a greater purpose. So to become a true spiritual leader I had to change my mind about myself and the belief in separation. 

I realised that my awakening is on behalf of all and I needed to take responsibility. This wasn’t easy because I had to move out of my comfort zone. I needed to meet the truth of who I am and also my fear that stopped me to take the responsibility. 

I had to learn that I am one with the One Mind – God, and not to listen to my ego telling me that I am not. I was afraid of my power and to use it. I was afraid of being seen to be different and others will stay away from me. I was even afraid of knowing too much and others might see me as something special.

What set me free from this fear was my willingness the know that ‘I AM THAT’* and I am everything and I am nothing, as Ricci -Jane taught us.

I learnt that to move into the sacred leadership, I had to meet the full expression of who I am and be a demonstration of my faith. And most importantly to create congruence between my faith and my actions.

I needed to work hard on this and practice my devotion every day. I knew my mission is to become a spiritual leader and put it into practice. To move out from my comfort zone and allow my spiritual journey to unfold with ease and grace. To trust that the Universe – God, has my back. To be humble and know that ‘I can of my own self do nothing’**. To be OK with who I am, even if I am misunderstood or judged. To be willing to meet my fear all the time and move into a state of grace.

So I started to take responsibility for my life and realised that I’m here not just for my awakening but for everyone else’s. I am in service for the greatest good of all and am the catalyst of their change. 

And big changes happened in my life last year! I decided to change the name of my Facebook business page from ‘Holistic Therapies Gold Coast’ to ‘Daniela Godfrey – Spiritual Leader’. I started a Facebook group called ‘Spiritual Leaders Collective’, a global community which currently has 1,400 members. I also started a ‘meetup’ group called ‘Spiritual Leaders Collective Gold Coast’ a local community, where we meet monthly and invite inspiring guest speakers. I’m excited to see our spiritual communities growing, people expanding their knowledge, connecting, learning and supporting each other.

The groups I created are not just for ‘spiritual leaders’, they are open to everyone who has a spiritual sight and want to learn and connect with others.  Sometimes people tell me they don’t see themselves as a spiritual leader. My answer is always the same ‘you are a leader and everyone is a leader’. We lead our own life and our highest self into the journey of awakening. We lead our life the best we can and lead others by example.

When we commit to our spiritual awakening there is no way back, we keep moving forward in doing the work and never give up. We hold space for others in love and hope that one day everyone can see the truth and join us. And imagine how amazing life will be when spiritual leaders work together to bring more peace, harmony and love into this world. 


* Exodus 3:14 

** John 5:30


*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 4 2019.


Daniela is a Gold Coast-based Holistic Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher/Leader, Intuitive Heart & Soul Mentor who offers transformation through energy healing, intuitive guidance and spiritual development workshops for clients who feel stressed and overwhelmed with life as they’ve become disconnected from their purpose. Her spirit name is Arleeya Mii, which means Teacher of Wisdom, Gateway of the Heart.
She loves being of service, to guide and support others on their journey of healing and awakening to their true self, to discover their innate power and create a peaceful, joyful and abundant life!

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