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Moving furniture in a burning building references the idea that what we’re trying to do with our spiritual seeking is to organize the dream that we live in, then, we are mad people. For example – If your child was having a nightmare when you go into the room to wake them up, you would not wake them up by saying “Everything you just saw in your dream is real and everything’s going to go to shit, quick hurry run away from the giant spider that was trying to eat you in the dream“. That would be insanity and very, very cruel. Yet that’s what we are doing all of the time when we are participating in our waking dream, this thing we call reality, which is the furthest thing from reality. We respond and react to it as though it is real. “React” being the keyword here. The truth is, we are participating in a dream. A dream that we have bought into “because we drank from the river of forgetting”, so says Caroline Mace. In order to come into earth school, we chose to enter into the dream of this illusion called in order to train our consciousness. All that we are is pure consciousness, pure unlimited master consciousness that is capable of creating anything. We had to forget that truth, however, because our task of being here is to remember that truth. So, if we already knew it we wouldn’t need to be here.

We do not come into the earth in order to ‘remember’ or ‘play’ with a whole bunch of limited human man-made beliefs. We think we have to do that because no one gives us another option, but we all are so obedient and so domesticated that, even on our spiritual past, we are wanting to find a system of dogmatic beliefs that we can subscribe to in order to feel safe. The movement of the planet seems to be something that, people in this spiritual world, are very fascinated with but when we let anything tell us how we should be reacting to it we have abdicated the truth of what we are, which is creator Gods and Goddesses. We are pure unlimited consciousness that is in Earth school which is a dream, remember, it’s not true or real, it is simply a figment of our imagination. The collection of our beliefs, both individually and collectively, we project into the dream and then react to as though they are real and solid and unchangeable, but none of that is true.

The uncompromising part of the priestess is that we learn the truth. We are priestesses of non-local intuition and non-local consciousness. We are not local to fixed time and space Newtonian beings, who have to abide by the Newtonian laws. We are quantum, we subscribe to the Einsteinian idea of reality which is that everything is but a vibration, including us. That vibration is directed by consciousness by thought alone. There is no way around that, that is the uncompromising truth. So if you want to pick up a crystal, or look to where the Moon is, or put things in a particular space in your home in order to feel better about the world then do that. But please do not think for one second that it can determine the quality of your life in any way. The quality of your life is determined by your belief, AKA your consciousness, and until you break free of the belief that the dream is anything other than a training ground for you, you will continue to live as a victim of reality and of other man-made ideals rules and systems that have nothing to do with the truth. The truth is that only love is real and love is, as Rumi tells us, not an emotion but our very existence.

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