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I teach people to know that they are God.

I do this because for too long my spirituality was superficial, built on trinkets and superstitions.

I felt like there was something deeper that I couldn’t access, and it made me angry with God. My faith was easily diminished when things didn’t go my way. I was not rooted in my faith.

Yet my soul was relentless in it’s yearning, pulling me ever closer to a deeper truth.

The truth of how the Cosmos actually works, and how redundant all my fist shaking at the sky had been. God wasn’t in the heavens.

God is within me. This is such a big truth that most people turn away, or believe it only on the good days when things are ‘high vibing’ or seeming to go their way.

To know that God is what we are takes great courage. And self-initiation into this truth is the most holy work there is.

Few will have the courage for this. But those who do, they will lead the revolution. It is vital that the spiritual leaders step forward.

How can we do this? How can be deeply rooted in our truth so that we never move into doubt?

We have to be initiated into the most holy of laws. We have to understand how consciousness works, and we have to become masterful in the language of the Cosmos – intuition.

It’s not always comfortable or easy work.

But it is the only thing your soul will settle for.

To meet ourselves as the infinite.

This wisdom is ancient. It is neither easy nor hard to understand, and it is full of sacred paradox. It can be consumed by the mind but it must be felt by the heart to be turned into the roadmap for our soul.

I would be honoured to share it with you, because these three laws have changed the course of my life and took my superficial spirituality and turned it into something good and strong.

Some days I remember I am God more than others. But I always have the wisdom to bring me home.

I hope to offer you the same dear soul seeker.

Let’s be the revolution.

RJ xo

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