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I have spent the last four days deep in the intuitive intelligence teacher training which is something brand-new for the Institute. That is to train graduates of the third level program to take the intuition revolution to the world. So whilst I will be in Ireland this September, leading this workshop, it will probably be one of the last times that I ever do this training myself. It’s my job to keep this revolution moving. That means to do that, I can’t do it on my own. So, I spent four days with 14 women immersed in the content of intuitive intelligence, and really getting clear on why this information matters. Seeing
these women take it up with such passion and commitment and a willingness to just go deeper and get better and really embody the vibration that matches the content. What I mean by that is getting over themselves and their doubts and I’m wondering if they can do it. Actually kind of getting on with it and saying I am part of this revolution now, I am one of soon-to-be 16 women in the world who are qualified to teach this material. As far as I know, what we’re doing is unlike anything else out there. The paradigm of intuitive intelligence is to connect to non-local intuition by meeting and releasing subconscious fear. In other words, to take away all the blocks standing between you and knowing what you really are, which is God (or unlimited consciousness).

These these four days with these women was this grand opportunity to see and feel, sometimes terror, sometimes joy, sometimes all of those feelings at once. Handing over my baby to its new caretakers and to see them really embrace the truth that they are the leaders of this revolution now. To know that this is bigger than me, and that is just such a spectacular thing. I know that the information might have downloaded through me, but it was never for me alone. It was never just about my own gain, it was about being able to seed a new consciousness. That’s what I do in the third level, I train women as new paradigm priestesses and here in this work we are seeding consciousness with new paradigm understanding – a revolution of intuition. This revolutionary way of withdrawing paddles in the external world from the local world and wedding ourselves entirely to the non-local. That means beyond the dimensions of time and space without cause and effective play we can know things that we wouldn’t otherwise know. We can know things without knowing. Our intuitive intelligence is like an antenna that can access this field, this is cosmic matrix that contains all within it. If I’m connected to that field then how can I not know everything? Everything is within me and I am part of it.

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