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Do you know your history, sister?

“The mystical woman is the ultimate wild woman.” Sally Lakshmi Thurley

For 8,000 years, since the beginning of the decimation of the goddess cultures, women have been slowly reduced in power, authority, connection, value and place. “A distinct pattern is discernible from the evidence that has been left by these early civilisations. Stretching from the ancient Indus Valley, right across the mountains of Anatolia, to the islands of the Mediterranean and as far as the topmost island of Orkney in Scotland, what emerges is a series of like-minded civilisations whose temples and graves bear witness to a lifestyle of peace and a veneration for mother nature. Their common belief in the continuous cycle of birth, death and regeneration is personified by their worship of a mother goddess in all her forms: snake, vulture, pregnant woman or moon. Excellence in craftwork, technical skill and exquisite art are some of their legacies, along with a spirit of natural equality. This was not to continue. During the second millennium BC, the last of these early civilisations fell. New power in the form of military might was sweeping across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Warriors had worked out how to prey off the profits of others, ushering in an age when human elitism, ruthlessness and terror had their true beginnings”. (

This cycle of reduction has been changing since the last century. We are beginning to reclaim our political rights, our economic rights, and our domestic rights. We are reclaiming everything in the human reality. This is vital work and it is the precursor to where we are now. Now, we need to reclaim our spiritual power.

What does this have to do with intuitive intelligence?

We women have been taught to fear ourselves and be afraid of the world around us. We have been taught to distrust our intuitive impulses. And we are not given the tools that we need to understand the power that resides within us. We are raised in a cultural paradigm that values us as objects and possessions.

And yet we are the mystics. We carry the secrets of the Universe inside of us. We are the portal to the divine. We know this. Our history tells us this. It is why we have been feared and hunted. The mystical part of us is our ultimate wildness. It cannot be tamed. We must fight to rediscover it and reclaim what is within.

Intuition is the language of the divine feminine. Intuition has been silenced for millennia as the divine  feminine has also been. We have forgotten it is our birthright to live in partnership with the Universe. We have forgotten we are infinite.

The Third Level, the Institute’s 12 month program to train contemporary priestesses, is that reconnection. Our fear is what prevents us from knowing our wild intuitive selves. Our fear is what prevents us from connecting to the divine speaking through us. Our fear is what prevents us from knowing our worth.

Reinstating our worthiness activates our intuition.

Intuition is the language of the Universe. Intuitive Intelligence is how we learn to speak that language. Intuitive Intelligence is the state of living our unlimited truth. The Third Level is how you become masterful in your mystical wild knowing so that you may work the path of service in your power.

Join your sisters to reclaim your spiritual power.

I love you like Christmas,

RJ xo

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