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I thought I would define what intuitive intelligence is versus intuition. I will also to look a little bit at what is in a non-local intuition and why it matters so much. First of all what is intuitive intelligence? The Institute’s name is the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence so we obviously have some ideas about this. How does it differ from intuition? The answer to this is very simple. For me, what turns intuition into intuitive intelligence is something that I call spiritual fierceness. Now, if I break that down a little bit I want you to think of intuition as an innate capacity within each and every one of us. It’s not special, it’s not magical. We all have it and we all have it in equal measure. But, what we have in different amounts either our natural connection to it, or our willingness and our desire to increase or enhance our innate intuition. So, what this means to me is that when you apply the pressure of intense practice and devotion and our willingness to go deeper with any subject, you get better at it, yes? So what takes intuition from its innate kind of latent state into that state of being that I call it intuitive intelligence is born through a deep emotion, a deep commitment to meet our intuitive knowing at the deepest possible level. This is what wed’s us to it as a state of being. Something that is present with us as the leader, if you like, of our consciousness in every moment. That means we are not deferring to the cranial brain first, we defer to the wisdom of intuitive intelligence which resides in the heart brain first.

The majority of the planet are cranial brain identified. That’s because that’s how our education system works. It’s how we’re taught to learn and understand and make meaning out of the world. It’s what we’re shown as normal in the majority of the world, particularly the Western world. This is not so true on the outside of the dominant Western paradigm, but in the West we absolutely privileged logic and cranial brain thinking. It’s seen as an asset to have these things. But, what we do when we turn our intuition on and through devotion and practice and a commitment to ever increasing our skill as intuitive’s, we can turn our intuition into intuitive intelligence. This is that state of being we are living men from the hearts intuitive intelligence we’re living from our highest form of intelligence and the benefits to us are innumerable. They include optimizing the systems of our body so that everything comes into homeostasis (optimal functioning). We create a neural superhighway between the heart brain and the cranial brain and as a result, our cranial thinking our logical reasoning mind becomes so much clearer and more accurate. When we defer to the wisdom of our hearts intuitive intelligence and we actually learn to train ourselves to think and live from that state we are no longer thinking I consult the oracle cards, I’ll pick a crystal, I’ll ask a question of my guides. Everything is an interior state of being we’re recognizing there’s no separation between us, and the infinite one mind where all consciousness, all knowledge, all wisdom, all time and space resides.

This is where I get into nonlocality. What is non-local intuition versus the biological forms of intuition? This is very often what people are taught to access and are not what are interesting to me more to the Institute. Non locality is an idea from quantum physics which is basically that there can be communication between particles at a distance. That distance can be you know billions of light-years, it can be in the next room, it makes no difference. That extends beyond the level of the subatomic particle to us as individual consciousnesses (although even that is a misnomer because all consciousness is one). The belief in separation this idea that, I am separate from you, I’m separate from the tulips, I’m separate from everybody who’s watching now. This is an illusion.

For the purposes of keeping this discussion to a reasonable amount of time, let’s just stick with that illusion for a moment. What I’m doing when I tune into non-local intuition, is I’m connecting through the inherent interconnectedness of all consciousness to that one mind. The idea is, there is inherent interconnectedness between all life. When we train our non-local intuition, we learn how to access that non-local information a-causally. In other words, we do not have to travel to the time and space of the person we are tuning into, we don’t have to be at the historical moment where the event occurred. We don’t have to do anything other than train our consciousness to travel on our behalf, and that happens instantly, to access information that will be relevant and useful for whatever we’re using our intuition for at that time. Whether it’s in service to a client, or to make a big life choice, or just to choose what you have for breakfast. It makes no difference. There’s no order of difficulty in miracles, according to God consciousness. It doesn’t matter what you’re requesting support on, what we understand however when we’re tuning into non-local intuition versus information through a card or through a crystal or through another person. That is the biggest lie that we’ve been told and that we keep telling ourselves.

Even though nonlocality is about accessing information from the one mind, the true impairment is being able to understand that the one mind is actually in you. So, if we understand the first cosmic law, the law of mentalism, “all is one and all is of the one mind” we have to begin to understand that we aren’t actually going out at all, we’re going in. Even that is pure semantics, because of course there is no separation. All is one. So we’re truly just immersing ourselves more fully in what we truly are. We’re overcoming all of these blocks and obstacles that are placed by belief in separation and we’re accessing who we are in truth, which is infinite unlimited consciousness. That’s why the central question that we ask around intuition in the Institute is “do I know that I am pure unlimited consciousness” because that question is the key to unlocking your intuitive intelligence combined with devotion practice – that spiritual fierceness!

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