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If you want to dive more deeply into this, Bruce Lipton’s work is a wonderful resource and I’m gonna draw a little bit on that.

I think what I want to say about it and what I would consider myself to be more able to speak to with confidence is around our perception of what we are. Remember the whole program is designed to get you to change your mind about what you are.

To give up the idea that you are physical, and to begin to truly move into the state of understanding that you are pure consciousness. Pure consciousness means that in 3D reality you are more wave than particle. What causes us to behave as more particle is over-identification with 3d reality.

Whenever we’re in fear we become more particle less wave. This means we become more fixed. We know that neurologically the brain doesn’t know the difference between what you’re experiencing, what you’re recalling, or remembering. Therefore, we can really solidify ourselves, become way more over-identified with 3d by continually playing in our mind the traumatic events of our life. That turns us into solid matter. It’s still only happening at the level of illusion. I’ll get to that in a moment. But it is this idea that we actually get to determine how pure potential we are and how fixed matter we are and that is very much about our identification with form versus our willingness to know that we are pure vibration we are but a vibration – this is quantum physics.

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