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Leader of The Light 

Karen Barnwell


As I move through life

I know there is more

God recognises me 

And calls me forth

You are the chosen one

To lead, spread the word

Raise the vibration

Of all those that heard

You have a mission

It’s yours to complete

Be of service you must

This is no mean feat

You are here for humanity

Shine, Rise above 

Leading the way

Returning to love

You have done this before

I call on you again

Your people are waiting

Step up and take reign

You are the Pioneer

Visionary, Revolutionary 

Rise above the fear

My Leader, Queen Ruler 

*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 4 2019.


I work with the willing woman who is ready to go deep and do the soul work, peel back the layers that are keeping her limited and finite so she can step into the magnificence that she is!

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