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Chenae Carey


As I sat down to write this article, I ruminated about what leadership means to me, and what I consider to be qualities that make a good leader. 


You see, I’ve always identified as a leader, but my perspective of leadership has changed in recent years. 


I used to think leadership was all about courage, action taking and pushing forward, and whilst I recognise that these traits are absolutely relevant to leadership, I identified with these traits in a very ego-driven, significance-seeking way. I was leading, but always looking back for someone to validate my actions, to pat me on the head and tell me I was amazing. What I really wanted was to be acknowledged for my courage, bravery and willingness to give something a go. 


It wasn’t really true leadership. 


I still do this today, and I’m working on it. Being surrounded by women like those whose words you’ll find amongst these pages certainly helps. I’ve learned a lot about leadership from Ricci-Jane Adams and the women I’ve met along my journey. It’s humbling. I’ve also found that humility evokes humility. Being in the presence of those who are deeply humble, is like a balm that soothes my need for validation, opening me up and allowing my own humility to bubble up and pour out from the depths in which I kept it hidden. 


Now when I think about myself as a leader, it’s about me and how I’m the leader of my own life. 


Leadership, true leadership, is really just self leadership. As the Law of Mentalism states, we are all one. One consciousness.  So by leading ourselves, and doing it for ourselves, we also lead for others. Not so that they follow us, but so that they may see what’s possible and perhaps do the same. And as Ricci-Jane often says, “those who can lead, must.” I agree. Because I believe that receiving our own guidance, and following through and acting upon that guidance is a privilege, one that many of us don’t pursue. 




Well, it’s fear. 


*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 4 2019.



Chenae Carey is a Certified Intuitive Intelligence Teacher – one of only 16 in the world. You’ll find her intuition workshops online, in person and (very soon!) available in retreat format in gorgeous Bali. Chenae has a fiery passion for making life more fun and whilst she lives in Brisbane now, she and her fiancé have plans to move to a more sustainable and fulfilling life in Indonesia.

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