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Meeting the archetypes of the divine feminine

Ricci-Jane shares another tool of the Intuitive Guide – communing with the 13 sacred archetypes

I’ve given up coffee this week so I’m feeling so holy, totally devout and so ready to go on retreat. It’s one week until the next round of the third-level priestesses and the beautiful lead mentors Amy and Gemma and I gather in Mumma Bali. It’s just profound what happens when we get there. I feel like the energy is starting to build already.

We are here now to commune with the Divine Feminine. One of the key components of the intuitive guide is to communicate with archetypes or archetypal energy. We look at both the “shadow archetypes” and the “divine feminine” or “divine masculine” archetypes. In the system that we work with, we’re working primarily with the “jung” archetypes. We talk about these as archetypes rather than as particular personas. They may take on a particular face or an energy of a goddess, saint or a historical figure, but that’s secondary to the archetypal energy.

By attuning this way, we’re not getting caught up in the kind of rules of a particular religion or a philosophy, we’re really going straight to the God consciousness. This is very important in the work of the method and the work of the intuitive guide that we don’t get caught up in any of the trinkets and superstitions. We keep our connection to the infinite as pure and open-a-vessel as possible, so this is why we speak in the language of archetypes. These archetypes are all part of the god consciousness or the goddess consciousness.

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