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Written by Karen Barnwell 

We Rise, We Fall

We Conquer, We Soar

We Trust, We Know

Our Wings Unfold

We Share Our Wisdom

The Truth of Who We Are


Wild Woman


We Live In Both Worlds

Spiritual and Physical

We Are The Bridge

Fear and Love 

Raising Collective Consciousness 

One Being at a Time



In God We Behold 

I Embody

Holy and Bold 

Compassion and Courage

Majestic Magnetic

Power and Perception

We Lead By Example

Heart Open Wide

Nowhere To Hide



Through Service, We Rise  


*This article was first publishing the Spiritually Fierce magazine issue 3 2019



My passion is to teach women to know themselves as Divine Unlimited Consciousness.

I do this for women who are awakening to the deeper part of who they truly are, on their journey back to soul. Deep down you know there is a different way….you are ready and willing to meet yourself on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level to transmute the pain and suffering that has held you back from stepping into your full divinity.


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