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I want to talk about spiritual feirceness and what it is to have a deep faith, to do the deep work and the deep faiths devotion. It is not performative and isn’t about trying to earn credit with the people in your life, or to get approval from others. I want to talk about the idea of responsibility that we have on this spiritual path if we have turned up to our spirituality, if we’re feeling a yearning and a call to deepen into the truth of what we are. There comes with that a responsibility and that responsibility is not something that we can shirk off and nor should we want to. This is the entire purpose of our awakening!

When we begin to awaken, we are at the same time automatically connecting to our leadership archetype. When we awaken, we go on that journey of meeting ourselves as infinite consciousness and we start to remember what we truly are. We don’t just do that for ourselves alone, we do that on behalf of all. Now there’s a very good reason why that is the case. It is because the first immutable hermetic law states that all is one – effectively there’s only one consciousness here. When we begin to truly understand that unity consciousness and unified field of which we are all apart of everything begins to change for us. We start to recognize that our actions are now in isolation. Before we awoke, our actions were never in isolation but now that we have begun that awakening journey we begin to sense the vital and and great privilege responsibility that we have to do this work, because we’re doing it on behalf of all.

If we think of Earth school as a dream, this place where we’ve come to train our consciousness back to the truth of what we are, which is ‘we are God’ (or infinite and unlimited), we are not here actually just to use our spiritual powers of that we’re learning as we awaken. We are not here to attain a bigger TV, or a nicer car, and a bigger house and all of these things. It’s really about the sense of urgency to contribute to something greater and to the good of all. That’s why spiritual awakening comes with this divine responsibility to not only bequeath what we are learning to others, but also because inevitably all of our choices are impacting the whole, there is only one of us here. There is only one consciousness.

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