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I’m going to read you a couple of definitions on ‘non-local intuition’ because I want you to get really clear on this. We are not talking about something woowoo, that doesn’t have a foundation. We’re talking about something that is evidence-based and evidential in the highest academic rigor. The standards of testing and understanding, but also drawing on quantum physics. We’re talking about ideas here that are the true nature of what we are, and the true nature of consciousness. My job is to get you to change your mind about what intuition is, so that we as a collective stop dismissing and we recognize that intuitive intelligence is our highest form of intelligence. We’re not referring to consulting Oracle cards or playing with pendulums or asking you random questions that really mean nothing in the full scheme of our lives. We’re talking about understanding what we and the universe is made from.

Let’s start with the definition of “non-locality”. It’s important that we get these terms clear and correct. So, non locality is part of a feature of quantum theory. It describes “the apparent ability of objects to instantaneously know about each other’s state, even when separated by large distances (potentially even billions of light-years), almost as if the universe at large instantaneously arranges its particles in anticipation of future events”. Now, if that doesn’t blow your mind then nothing will.

Non-local intuition functions on the premise of the inherent interconnectedness of all consciousness, which is what we know to be true. Non-local intuition is defined as “the type of intuition which refers to the knowledge or sense of something that cannot be explained by past or forgotten knowledge or by sensing environmental signals”. So it’s not empathy, it’s not energetic sensitivity, it’s not biological. It is out of this world, it is non-local.

“It has been suggested that the capacity to receive and process information about non-local events appears to be a property of all physical and biological organization and this likely is because of an inherent interconnectedness of everything in the universe.” So even though, at the level of quantum physics that we are understanding, this is a theory. We know, as as spiritual beings who are training our intuition all at the time, that this inherent interconnectedness is real. Our capacity to access it can be increased through devotion and practice. Intuition as I teach it, is an act of engineering of encoding consciousness. Our capacity to communicate with the one mind and our capacity to bring in that information into our local time and space so that we can understand, it share it, and make meaning out of our reality. But we’re not accessing it through a biological exchange, we are accessing it by going into that non-local field (that one mind). That inherent interconnectedness is consciousness and all that we are is consciousness. We are vibrating energy and motion- fields within fields within fields, and that is our true nature.

Ultimately, as one field, the one mind we are all part of, we do not have to travel to the time and space where the information we want to access is available. Non-locally, we can access all that exists within the field at once, instantaneously, in whatever time and space or location we are in. We’re talking about, vibration, energy, consciousness, light! Information encoded in light!

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