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Oh dear one the wisdom that you hold,

Echoes within consciousness of each of us.

Your knowledge,

Your gift.

Healing comes with it.

A word,

A touch.

Just your presence is enough.

It brings with it a rainbow of colours.

A ripple effect.

That will help us all connect.

Below the surface,

The cells are being reborn.

The awakening is occurring,

To change us all forevermore.

So many asleep,

They grizzle and moan.

They do not understand yet.

The birth of a new way is upon us.

They cannot grasp,

The reality of what this change is like it or not.

It is for our greater good, Finally the madness will stop.

The greater the divide seems.

The more the World seems to be in disarray.

The closer we are to the new Earth.

A new day.

Of the enlightened.

The Humans of the here and now,

Are here to teach us.

To heal what has been done.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the steps,

They will reveal themselves as we go.

Just trust the process.

Let go!!

The fear will only keep you where you are if you believe its lies.

It will only have power over you if you agree to suffer under its weight.

There is a lightness, just near.

Reach out and touch.

This is the solution.

You can feel it,

Although the words may not have arrived.

A part of you knows this is true,

The hope, The possibility. Rise up to your responsibility,

Stand in what you were born to do. Stop looking to the others. It’s up to you.


Clare Deale is an Intuitive Guide/Mentor, Seer, Medical Intuitive, Energy Worker and Homeopath. Her abilities in seeing where and how you are blocked are quite profound, the space she holds for you is powerful, sacred and healing. Supporting & guiding people to their awakening and seeing their own infinite light & power is her calling in life. With the combination of her training as an Intuitive Guide with the Institute of Intuitive Sciences and her years of practising as a homeopath and her natural abilities.

Clare has a deep understanding of individuals energy & physical body and is able to discern and decipher multiple aspects of her clients gaining a clear picture and understanding of the whole individual. This allows a deeply transformative experience that allows big shifts, insights as well as practical everyday advice that helps her clients not only within their session but long after.

Her goal in life is to provide the space and support for individuals as they remember who they are, with the intention that they go on to live a life that is in flow & alignment with their higher selves.

This was originally published in first edition of Spiritually Fierce magazine in February 2019.

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